Simple tips for everyday cleaning

Simple tips for everyday cleaning

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Laura Ashley


The kitchen is the room where more bacteria accumulate and where more care must be taken to avoid food contamination.

Scourers, rags and cutting boards They are the most infected objects. Put the sponge if it has no metal part in a bowl with water in the microwave for 2 minutes every day. Change the cloth every 2 days and clean the boards by pouring salt on top and rubbing it with half a lemon. You will eliminate bacteria and bad smells.

Countertop and cooking zone. If your work area is granite, clean after each use with baking soda dissolved in water; if it is marble or compact quartz, with soap and water. The kitchen will depend on the plate. If it is gas, immerse the burners in half a liter of very hot water with vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda. If it is made of ceramic hob or induction, you will have to use a specific product and scratch with a special scraper.

Do not forget sweeping and scrubbing the floor with ammonia spray daily; wash the dishes after use; clean the sink with vinegar to restore shine; the hood after each use and wipe the furniture once a week.

Catch the dust and say goodbye to the fluff!

Ventilation and our life in the house causes dust to accumulate, to fall to the ground and lint to form. Ventilate 10 minutes a day and by zones. Run the vacuum once a week and stop in corners, behind doors and under furniture and beds.

La Redoute

In natural wood furniture, clean with antistatic suede, and if the wood is blackened, with a damp cloth and vinegar.

Without germs

The bathrooms must be cleaned daily to avoid the appearance of bacteria. Remove soap residue with a mixture of water and vinegar. Spray and wipe.


To remove stains that form around the drain, mix baking soda with water. The tiles, once every week or fifteen days, with a sponge with water, soap and ammonia.

Necessary routine

Change the sheets once a week.

The English Court

If they are new, wash them with baking soda instead of detergent, and in the rinse, pour a cup of vinegar. Dry and wash again normally.

Goodbye to the mountains of clothes

Every day that is necessary put the washing machine.

When dry, collect, fold and iron to avoid accumulation. If your iron is stuck, remove them with a cloth dipped in hot vinegar.


It is recommended to clean the floors of the kitchen and bathroom every day, and the parquet, once a week. Clean the bucket by filling it with water with a dishwasher and a jet of bleach.


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