Bread: Meet the main varieties and characteristics

Bread: Meet the main varieties and characteristics

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Nuria Serrano

Bread with bread, food ... ready!

Take a look and discover the types of bread, the flours, and their health benefits.


White flour Made with wheat flour without bran, it is the most consumed bread in Spain. Spongy, nutritious, fine textured, it is a great energy source.

100% whole-grain bread. It provides its three components: the bran (peel, high in fiber), the germ (where nutrients - protein, magnesium or fatty acids -) and the endosperm (basically starch). The mold is well preserved in an airtight container.

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Rye bread. More compact than wheat, it helps prevent gallstones and is a good option in case of diabetes, since the complex carbohydrates it contains keep the glycemic index lower.

Spelt Bread. This cereal has not undergone major modifications over millennia, so it is considered very healthy. Promotes digestion and helps repair tissues. It contains silicic acid, magnesium and vitamins E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9.

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Flax and sesame bread. The first ones add omega-3 fatty acids and fiber to the bread. The latter, omega-6 and calcium, although they are also very caloric: its use in weight control diets must be moderated.

Poppy Bread The seeds contain minerals, omega-3, 6 and 9, calcium and vitamin A. Its soothing action is also known, in addition to providing the bread with a delicate and delicious flavor.

Pumpkin Bread They are also a good intake of omega-3 polyunsaturates, which together with fiber and phytosterols are heart-healthy. They also have zinc, phenolic acids and vitamin E.


Nut Bread Famous are the "good" fats for the heart of this dried fruit. As if that were not enough, the nut bread is perfect with cheese or to serve with stewed meats and roasts.

Olives bread The intense flavor and spongy crumb make this bread a great temptation. Try to spread it with a little tomato and eat it with some anchovies. Delicious!

INFO So that you do not gain weight, do not pass four daily rations of 50 g each distributed at meals.


In paper bag or cloth. You can also have it in a wooden breadbasket. All these "containers" let the food breathe and prevent it from drying out excessively. When it comes to bread, it is better to keep it in its original packaging. And in all cases, it should be in a dark and cool place, like a closet away from the kitchen, the oven or other sources of heat.

Sliced ​​bread Nuria Serrano

Yes to freezing, not to the fridge. The frigo is not the place of storage of the bread, in addition, it accelerates the appearance of mold. However, you can freeze it - either the whole bar or cut - and store it in a zip-tight plastic bag. When defrosting, leave the necessary time at room temperature. Ready!


Nuria Serrano

Breads à la carte. Whether you are single or you live accompanied, the muffins are a good choice to please each of the family members. And they are perfect for special snacks!

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