An old village converted into a hotel

An old village converted into a hotel

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What better place to isolate yourself from the mundane noise that an old village of farmers; This, and much more, is what it offers Aldearoquetas. An unusual hotel which distributes its 18 suites throughout a small stone village, located in the province of Castellón, and uninhabited since the 20s. These data are enough to imagine the magnetic charm of this space, which could well be that dream place for everyone, where to rest and dedicate time to oneself or the couple. Here there is no television or telephone - although they are not necessary either - only a prodigious nature that envelops everything.

In contrast, inside each building -decorated by Juan Antonio Pascual-, the current air relaxing environments; although, curiously, made with typical materials of the region: stone, wood, tile ... The best example of this are the bathrooms, where design toilets with natural stone coverings coexist. How could it be otherwise, the furniture was chosen with care; piece by piece they were fitting with each other throughout the three years that the rehabilitation lasted. Another temptation of this unique retreat has a lot to do with the palate. Aldearoqueta has a quality gastronomic offer, based on Mediterranean cuisine and local products, among which, shortly, the ecological ones from your own garden will be included.

- It is worth visiting Morella, walled city, declared an artistic monument of humanity.
- But if what you are looking for is action, Nothing like getting lost in Saltapins, an adventure circuit with mountain tests in the woods.
- To rest We recommend the spa and mineral waters of Benasal and, of course, the many beaches in the province of Castellón.

Address: Mas d'en Roqueta, s / n, Culla (Castellón).
Tel .: 964 762 195.
Web page
Rooms and prices: It has 18 suites spread throughout the village, the price of which varies depending on the size: junior, € 160; standard, € 175; senior € 200; and large suite, € 272. The price of all rooms includes breakfast and dinner for two people.

Advertising - Keep reading below Every little house in the old village is now a room.

Thanks to this space organization, all have direct access to the outside and a small porch or terrace for private use of guests.

The dining room is divided into two very well differentiated floors.

The ground floor, with spectacular views, is designed to enjoy breakfast. The upstairs has a more formal dining room, where lunch and dinner are served. The chairs are a design by Mario Bellini.

All suites have a seating area.

This corner belongs to the room The Observatori; It is formed by two comfortable sofas, of Themes V, coffee table and a work library with the integrated fireplace. The foot flexo, model Ptolemy, is from Artemide.

Among other common areas the hotel has a cozy library

divided into a reading room, with a great bookcase with wooden shelves, and a seating area. Chairs designed by Bellini. Red lamp, from Santa & Cole.

Each room is identified with a plaque on the door.

As they are independent houses, each one was baptized with the name of the old street and the number where it was located. That is what appears on the plates, designed by Javier Mariscal with drawings inspired by birds.

In this room, called El Mirador, one of the original stone walls was preserved.

Instead of a headboard it has a work wall, which was used to display two original paintings of natural stones. In the foreground, living room decorated with furniture purchased in the area.

All rooms have a comfortable seating area.

The goal of the owners, far from the traditional hotel concept, is to make the visitor feel at home.

The rooms have a terrace and porch, according to the orientation of each house.

In the photo, view of one of the terraces with an iron table by Martell Design and orange chairs designed by Javier Mariscal.

Some of the rooms have the bathroom integrated in the rest area.

This space, baptized as Passage 1, has a half-height wall that serves as the headboard and separating element of the washbasin area. The toilet and bathtub are located in a small adjoining room with a large window that lets in natural light.

The room The Observatori is distributed as an apartment.

It has a dressing room, office area, bathroom, living room and a large terrace with splendid views. The bathtub is integrated into the rest area.

There are still some houses in ruins without rebuilding.

It is part of the charm of the village, a project that never ends and that gives the visitor the opportunity to walk around and see the constructions as they were before.

To get to the hotel from Castellón,

take the La Plana highway (CV-10) until the end and turn off at exit 38, direction Vilafranca, La Vall d'Alba or Vilafamés. A few kilometers you will surround the town of La Vall d'Alba, continue in the direction of Vilafranca, and soon you will cross the village of Els Ibarsos. Follow that road and, 4 km away, you will see on your left the Aldearoqueta indicator (2.5 km).