A serene house in Murcia

A serene house in Murcia

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We love it when our readers, you, propose us new things. That's why we were so excited about the email that Yolanda sent us a few days ago. He explained that visiting our website he found a house that was very, very familiar. In an article a few years ago, another reader, Esther, invited us to visit her home, a house of large proportions located in Murcia that she had decorated with a daring combination of colors (and that you can visit here: A house full of optimism and vitality).

"It turns out that that same house, nowadays, is mine," he explains. "Now it has a totally different decoration. I redecorated it to my liking. Although it doesn't have that much color anymore, it still has a lot of vitality because of the luminosity that the natural light that enters through the large windows gives it. I changed the mix of colors, which caused me a bit of chaos, for more neutral tones, brown, beige, gray ... I think it is now more current and lighter, "says Yolanda, adding," I looked for ways to maintain the original aesthetics of the house, but with a touch of calm and serenity. I didn't have too much budget, so painting a little here and there, moving things around and with small changes, this was the result. " Thanks for sharing it with us!

Advertising - Keep reading below First impression

Upon entering the house we receive this arch, today painted in black.

Heat of home

On the left we find a living room with a fireplace.


Yolanda and Alberto opted for a combination of neutral colors.

Fireplace Details Black and white

The walls next to the fireplace were painted black, enhancing it as the main element of the space.

Open minded

The living room and dining room share the same space.

Dining Details Kitchen

It is the room that has had less changes compared to the previous decoration.

The bathroom

View of the courtesy bathroom on the ground floor.


On the second floor we find the rooms.

Position change

The master bedroom has been changing distribution and now the bed occupies a central place.

Dressing room

Integrated into the master bedroom, it gives access to the bathroom.


The bathroom with shower-sauna and hot tub.


The children's bedroom.

Exit Facade

View of the back garden.

Think green

General view of the rear.

Fresh air

Detail of the outdoor dining table, with ivy wall.

Door detail