The lucky bamboo

The lucky bamboo

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Water the bamboo plant with plenty of water. To make it look healthier and fresher, do it with filtered water or rainwater; in this way we will avoid possible damages derived from the chemicals of the running water, such as chlorine, harmful to the plant.

Make sure the water level of the container where you put the bamboo is not never less than half, since it is an aquatic plant that requires a lot of water to grow and its roots have to be soaked, completely submerged. You can also plant bamboo in fish tanks or aquariums; The vitamins provided by dirty water will make it grow and look even healthier.

Avoid excess sunlight: bamboo grows in thick jungles with shade and need low light. Make sure you receive one indirect moderate amount. Excess lighting can kill the plant or make it yellow.

Change the water in the bamboo once a week: a container of contaminated water can make the plant sick. Therefore, clean the container well (with enough water, without soap) and refill it with clean water. Once a month, you can also apply food drops for aquatic plants.

If your plant is in a pot, try to keep the soil constantly moist but not too wet. If you see that the top of the earth is dry or semi-dry, you should water the bamboo.

To keep the plant away from pests and predators that feed on its leaves, it is necessary to use fertilizers. But it must be done in moderate amounts and at certain intervals. Administering excessive doses would cause the bamboo to turn yellow.


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