This "smart" bunk is also a sofa

This "smart" bunk is also a sofa

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If you constantly have guests at home, you probably have pieces that have a double function, such as a sofa bed or a room divider.

The model system Palazzo, from Resource Furniture, takes the concept to a higher level. Your bunk becomes a sofa or the sofa becomes a bunk, depending on how you look at it.

Although the signature system was originally created in 2014, it may be viral again now that the houses are smaller than ever. It is also true that it is now easier than ever to design a small space with style, thanks to innovative brands that offer all kinds of solutions, from a bed that folds like a closet to a bookcase that serves as a chair.

The bunk bed system Palazzo Includes wooden slatted bed base, removable mattresses, and a safety barrier around the bunk.

If you have a small apartment, you just got a practical idea. You can say goodbye to your air mattress. See how it "works" Palazzo in the video.

Via: House Beautiful US


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