A feminine and unique mini loft

A feminine and unique mini loft

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Newly built, Two-storey and with a high ceiling, this floor did not fully fit the loft concept wanted by its owner, a young executive in the advertising sector. He was very compartmentalized and therefore far from being his ideal home. To reform it and achieve a functional distribution, according to it, entrusted the project to interior designer Belén Ferrándiz and the execution to Acebo Reformas y Construcciones. Start point: open all main rooms to foster the feeling of living in a unique space, in which light flows on both floors.

Create, in short, a loft. To achieve this, glass was the perfect material. Installed in key points of the house, through it the visual contact between the environments is possible, but also, as it prolongs the perspective, the sensation of amplitude is greater. Glass is the new kitchen door and a vain of one of its walls. And also the railing of the bedroom on the upper floor that, with its transparency, allows you to feel that space unit so desired by the owner. Another essential change in the floor was made in the kitchen: the clothesline was removed to make it wider and win a wall where to locate a breakfast bar. The renovation of the coatings was decisive to complete that modern and impeccable aesthetic that the house looks today.

The cherry laminate flooring was replaced by an aged oak flooring; a pavement of wide boards that gives visual continuity to the environments and that, due to its orientation towards the windows, visually expands the space. To this change of look was added the cherry staircase that now, covered with gray vinyl carpet with metallic effect, is more modern.

In the walls, decorated by Francisco Javier Pérez, White plastic paint was chosen by Valentine, but with success, in some it was alternated with gray papers that give an urban style to the house. In addition, they generate cozy environments within the open space and, with their contrast, act as a background to highlight furniture and deco-functional compositions, such as asymmetric dining room library, the breakfast bar in the kitchen, or the headboard, bedside tables and lamps in the bedroom.

Advertising - Keep reading underneath A very stylish floor

The color details that animate the sofa and the many nuances created by the satin carpet make the living area, with an impeccable aesthetic, a more vital and dynamic environment. To highlight, in front of the window, a minimalist fireplace, almost invisible.

Sofa For Sale Gunni & Trentino. Cushions and glasses, from Zara Home. Armchair and pouf, from SuperStudio. Painting by de Novo Painting. Bioethanol fireplace,
of Fire Craftsmen. Oak pallet and lacquered woodshed, from Author's Platforms.

Sanding Iron Coffee Table

A model to your liking… You know how you want the coffee table or the bedside table, but you can't find them? Entrust them to a professional in the material you prefer: forge, glass, wood, methacrylate, DM ...

Sanding iron table, made by F. Domarco.

A dining room connected to the kitchen

The glass walls are key in the reform of this loft because they separate the kitchen from the living room without diminishing luminosity; while the transparent partition of the upper prolongs the perspective and creates a feeling of greater amplitude from the dining room.

Floor lamps: articulated flexo, by Ikea, and spotlight with tripod, by Hanbel.

A decoration in total harmony

The subtle contrast of white and gray, which emanates from refined design furniture and textures, conveys a sense of balance.

Iron table, designed by Belén Ferrándiz and made by F. Domarco. Kartell transparent auxiliary furniture. Hanbel's lamp. Carpet Efekto Silk, of KP. Flowers, from Bourguignon.

A corner of cinema ...

The floor lamp with tripod, by Hanbel, which is inspired by the spotlights of the professional sets, forms a glamorous duo with the replica of the armchair Barcelona, acquired in SuperStudio.

Carpet, from KP.

Techno wall, with style

A flat screen TV, flanked by two speakers, and an original suspended furniture create a very decorative techno composition in the living room. In addition, they take advantage of this passage between the living room and the kitchen, without hindering the circulation.

Suspended furniture, from LagoStore, in natural oak. TV Smart tv and Samsung Home Cinema.

A dining room with visual interest

The asymmetrical shelving is a focal point for its design and contrast with the gray paper that decorates the wall. The same interest arouse two sculptural pieces: the original ceiling lamp and the table with sanding and varnished iron base.

Shelving, from LagoStore. Paper, by Pepe Peñalver. Table designed by interior designer Belén Ferrándiz and made by F. Domarco. Lamp Mini Mikado, by lafirma LZF Lamps.

A natural soil

With its knots, its veins and its wide variety of nuances, the aged oak flooring is the protagonist of the decoration.

A success: bet on a wide plank format, perfect for interiors of current aesthetics.

White chairs, from SuperStudio. Laminated DM flooring and skirting board, from Authorized Platforms.

Order and design are not at odds

In this suspended shelf, from LagoStore, it is like that. Functional because it combines holes of different formats, its sculptural form stands out even more on the gray paper, by Pepe Peñalver.

A glazed kitchen

The reform of this area was key to give a new and current air to the house. The kitchen door was replaced by a larger glass one; and a glazed opening was opened so that the interior gained visual amplitude. In addition, the cherry ladder was covered with a metallic-looking vinyl carpet.

Door and glass opening, made by Cristalera Madrileña. Appliances, from Teka. Compac countertop and white front. Coffee maker, from De'Longhi. Vinyl carpet Keplan, of KP.

Kitchen with two environments

The chiaroscuro set visually separates the work area from the breakfast bar. The first shines in pure white and the second, located in the wall setback, contrasts in gray cement.

Vinyl paper, by Pepe Peñalver. Oak Bar, from Author's Platforms. Stools, by Francisco Segarra. Lamps, by Aromas del Campo. Estor screen, by Raúl Cuesta Upholstery.

Hints of color in the kitchen

Intense red, if used sparingly to not saturate, gives a lot of play. In this almost immaculate space, where the target is the dominant one, it focuses attention very easily.

Stool, by Francisco Segarra, industrial and stackable style.

Curious and vintage objects in the kitchen

Decorate with pieces of yesterday, if you want to customize any corner.

Plate of bottled water Vittel, from La Brocanterie. Lamps, by Aromas del Campo.

The colors of the bedroom

mix of materials
The gray background gives an urban air to the bedroom, but it is counteracted with textiles in vibrant chromaticism.

Headboard, from SIT, with upholstery from Dolz Collection. Bedside tables, from LagoStore. Lamps, by Artelore Home. Paper, by Pepe Peñalver.

The front of closets

A plus of style: the wooden front cabinets that also provide extra warmth.

Chair, by Thai Natura. Cushions, from Làpety. The Blanket is from Zara Home.

The bed is decorated with colored cushions

What a surprise! The gray background, so elegant and urban, merges with vibrant colors to give a fresh air to the bedroom.

Cushions, from Làpety. Lamp, by Artelore Home. Wallpaper, by Pepe Peñalver.

Bathroom, white with nuances

The suspended furniture and the mirror harmonize with the wall, tiled in a dusty gray tone. This squared background, with rectangles in rows, is very decorative, but also conveys a sense of visual order.

Mirror with white lacquer frame, Fann. Wall Lamp, Olive Lighting. Towels, from Zara Home.

Plan of the house and keys of the reform

- In the bedroom: Coating the headboard wall with a darker paper than the rest of the walls, creates a deeper sensation in the room, visually enlarges it. But it is also a resource to create warmth in open spaces, as is the case of this bedroom, separated from the lower floor with a glass railing.

- Materials: Choosing the same oak wood from the floor for the front of the cabinets raises the decorative level and also gives the environment
of more warmth and harmony.

- Use of color: The visual order formed by the symmetrical composition of headboard, bedside tables and hanging lamps, is energized with the colorful brushstrokes of textiles.


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