Eucalyptus showers: the natural remedy against winter colds

Eucalyptus showers: the natural remedy against winter colds

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If every year, When winter comes, you fall into the grip of the coldmaybe you should try with a different remedy, as the natural aromatherapy.

From among the endless options you can choose, Eucalyptus shower is perfect if you suffer from respiratory conditionsas it has anti-inflammatory properties. And for that very reason triumphs on Pinterest searches. We tell you how it is done!

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What do you need:
- A bouquet of eucalyptus leaves
- A natural cord

Step by Step:
The procedure is as simple as tie the bouquet to the shower handle or the curtain rod (without touching the water), and let heat and steam are responsible for activating essential oils That will relieve your congestion.

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It does not convince you? Surely this idea gets it!

Not only will it last a lot of time, but you can store it in the closet and take it out when you need it. Way to go!

What do you need:
- Distilled water
- Eucalyptus oil
- A sprig of eucalyptus
- A plastic bottle with sprayer

Step by Step:
Mix all ingredients
in the bottle, and add the eucalyptus twig.

When you open the tap and go to shower, let the heat out and spray the spray as many times as you need. Then ... breathe!

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