A dream house in the historic city of Novigrad

A dream house in the historic city of Novigrad

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Rajan Milosevic

Designed by Croatian Boris Ružić, the Villa Covri it's found near the city of Novigrad (Croatia), just 4 kilometers from the nearest beach.

It was built in the 16th century, but it was completely restored in 2017, and the result is so incredible that you will have to see it with your own eyes to believe it.

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Home it's divided in three plants They masterfully combine the industrial and traditional style of Istria.

Mediterranean paradise Rajan Milosevic

The pool is surrounded by a beautiful garden with lavender, rosemary and olive plants.

Fresh Rajan Milosevic Relax natural Rajan Milosevic History Walls Rajan Milosevic Well Equipped Rajan Milosevic

Has five large bedrooms, five bathrooms, a large pool with waterfall, a living room with kitchen, a patio and a living room.

With elegance Rajan Milosevic Free access Rajan Milosevic Pure comfort Rajan Milosevic

The living room has a old chimney With a lot of charm.

Appellation of origin Rajan Milosevic

Part of the charm of the decoration lies in the marble from the quarries of Istria.

Gray range Rajan Milosevic Industrial chic Rajan Milosevic The color of the sea Rajan Milosevic

The old beams of the house have been restored, but the stone It remains intact.

Tall Rajan Milosevic

The five bedrooms count on own bathroom.

Style and space Rajan Milosevic Direct to the terrace Rajan Milosevic The greenest views Rajan Milosevic Two by two Rajan Milosevic Marble with presence Rajan Milosevic The perfect canvas Rajan Milosevic

Information: Courtesy of Boris Ružić.


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