Mint Pink, the happiest color scheme to decorate your home

Mint Pink, the happiest color scheme to decorate your home

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With the arrival of the summer just around the corner, what better time to refresh the decoration of your house? Especially if you do it in a mixture of tones as sweet and cheerful as the Mint and pastel pink.

But if you do not see it clearly, do not worry, because after taking a look at our proposals ... we assure you that it will become your favorite color scheme!

Advertising - Keep reading below A very cool dining room

You won't tell us that the pink chairs don't give this dining room a very cheerful air! And the detail mint The wall adds an irresistible touch of grace, don't you think?

Pinterest: Irene Domínguez García

Modern kitchen

Surely you've never seen a pink island, much less combined with closets mint!

Pinterest: Cotó's house

In the children's room

Being such a sweet mix of tones, it is perfect for the kids' bedroom.

Pinterest: Guide More Guys

For girls

Another example of a children's bedroom ideal for two little sisters.

Pinterest: Yolanda Barrio García

On the wallpaper

But this time, also combined with the marble effect. Not very cool?

Pinterest: Maria Nisa


If you feel like giving the staircase an original touch, paint it in two colors like the mint pink.

Pinterest: Trice Create

With personality

If you add a little art on the walls, you will have a room with a lot of personality.

Pinterest: Ladyword

Of design

Very chic! With an impact wall and the most elegant sofa.

Pinterest: Takumho

Vintage appliances

Between pastel colors and aesthetics vintage, you will have a very sweet kitchen.

Pinterest: Charo Roisenvit


A room where prints and pastel colors roam freely creating a superalgre space.

Pinterest: Nina


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