Do you know how New Year's Eve is celebrated around the world?

Do you know how New Year's Eve is celebrated around the world?

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If every year, when the expected arrives moment of the chimes, you feel strange about having to ingest 12 grapes with the same speed as a race car, it's because you don't know the traditions of other countries.

Keep reading that we are going to tell you…


If you plan to move to Denmark, you better have prepared a tableware of cheap ones, because one of the two traditions of the Nordic country is visit your friends during New Year's Eve, and throw dishes against the doors of their houses. In this way, you will ensure a year of luck!

But apart from a dishware that you don't have much appreciation for, you will also need a chair that you don't mind spoiling, since the other rite of the end of the year is jump on it right at 00:00, with the objective, of course, to attract good fortune.


Noisy and colorful, this is the end of the year in Norway, since after dinner the traditional pinnekjøtt (salted lamb ribs) and peppercakes (Christmas cookies), Norwegians go out to the gardens of their houses to celebrate New Year's Eve with firecrackers and fireworks.


If you want them you eat them, and if not, you leave them ... Indeed, the Italian year-end tradition consists of eating lentils. And you will wonder why.

Well the origin dates from the time of the Romanswhere was custom give away a leather bag full of lentils, waiting for them to become gold coins, and thus enrich its bearer.

Currently, nobody thinks that these small legumes are going to transform into euros, but they remain a symbol of fortune.


Fire and New Year's Eve are closely related in Mexico, since one of the most typical rites to start the year well, is write on bad paper the bad memories of the previous months, and then burn it.

In the same way, they also usually create rag dolls on a real scale, and set them on fire to end bad energies.


If the spiritual world is important to you, surely you identify with the end of the year celebrations in Puerto Ricosince they are closely linked to beyond.

One of the rites consists of throw a bucket of water through the window overnight. Thus, they hope to ward off evil spirits.

But if instead of being at home, they find celebrating it on the beach, at 00:00 they throw themselves with their backs to the water, with the same objective. Which one do you prefer?


As in Spain, Peruvians also eat grapes to the sound of chimes, with a little difference ... and that is they take them under the table!

But if this seems strange, wait to know what they do with potatoes. Yes, yes, you read correctly. The other tradition is to keep three potatoes under the bed: one completely peeled, another half peeled, and another unpeeled.

With their eyes closed, they take the first potato they find and ... If it is the one that is bare, it will be a year of economic difficulties; if it is the one that is half stripped, they will have certain money problems; and if it is the whole one, good fortune will smile at you.


I say ... jump! Why toyes children celebrate New Year's Eve, based on jumps to grow a lot.

Further, While the twelve grapes are taken, the Filipinos are dressed in their best clothes… with moles! Because it seems that this print calls for wealth. It wouldn't be bad to try it this year, don't you think?


One of the most beautiful traditions in the United Kingdom, takes place during midnight, when people leave their homes to form circles holding hands while they sing the song Auld Lang Syne.


If there is a person who can boast punctuality in this world, it is Santa Claus. However, it always makes an exception with Greece, where arrives on December 31 under the name of Agios Vassilis.


Are you single and want to get married soon? Well, you better spend New Year's Eve in the Czech Republic, because the tradition par excellence is to throw a shoe over the shoulder towards the door of the house. If this falls with the toe towards the street, congratulations! Next year wedding bells will ring.