IKEA buys furniture that you no longer want

IKEA buys furniture that you no longer want

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That chair that you bought provisionally on your first floor and now you have folded (and forgotten) in some corner of your house. The dining table that has accompanied you faithfully in every move and that in your last home, as much as you have tried, it does not finish fitting. The chest of drawers that someone gave you because he didn't love her anymore, and you thought it would be very useful, but you parked it in the storage room and the only thing it does is take dust ...

Now you can get rid of all of them (and your position of conscience for not using them), without the need to be haggling with anyone in Wallapop, thanks to the Save the IKEA furniture campaign.

TThese are the requirements that the Swedish giant asks to buy back your furniture:

- First of all, it must be a furniture of IKEAOf course, regardless of whether it is still for sale or is removed from its catalog.

- Second requirement: must be drawers, tables, chairs, showcases, desks, shelves or cabinets. If you cannot place it within any of these seven categories, do not try.

- And finally, must be delivered assembled. In case you have to take it in parts to the store, they will provide tools for you to reassemble it.

If you meet these requirements, you just have to fill out a form on their website and attach four photographs, wait for IKEA to make the proposal on its price and deliver the furniture in the store you have selected. Compensation comes in the form of a card to make new purchases in the store and your furniture goes on sale in The Loft of Opportunities (The section that every IKEA expert knows should be the first to visit).