Guidelines to control the excesses of this month

Guidelines to control the excesses of this month

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December is a month full of celebrations around tables full of food and drink. If you do not want to end up feeling of heaviness, stomach pain and with a few extra pounds, follow these little tips, you will appreciate it!


Planning. Write down all your culinary events on your agenda and prepare menus that help you compensate. If the feast is at night, at noon choose light and diuretic dishes, such as spinach with grilled fish. Do not skip any food, avoid hunger between hours and pecking, and drink at least two liters of water a day, to avoid possible fluid retention.

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In the table. Make healthy menus without many calories where seasonal foods are the protagonists. Cook healthy, baked, iron or steam. Serve on a plate the starters to control how much you are eating. Avoid sweets, alcohol and precooked. Chew 15 to 20 times each bite, you will have time to assimilate the nutrients and you will be satisfied much sooner.


What celebration does not begin with a table full of snacks? It is a piscolabis with cheeses, breads or fatty meats, highly caloric. Stay away from these proposals and opt for starters based on vegetables, vegetables and seafood. A good option is this salmon, avocado and cucumber tartare with red caviar.

Salmon, avocado and cucumber tartare with red caviar.

Peel and cut a cucumber and an avocado into tacos and sprinkle with lemon juice. Cut into strips 300 g of smoked salmon and add oil, chives and dill. Plaster with a hoop in layers, top with red caviar and let cool.

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In the multiple celebrations, there are many toasts with cava, wine and other alcoholic drinks. Drink carefully, about two glasses of cava or wine are enough, and water consumption increases to eliminate alcohol faster. Alcohol only provides empty calories. Discard the cocktails with sugar or those combined with 2 alcohols, and if you are a beer choose 0.0.

For the hangover. If the party got out of hand, it is important that you hydrate very well. Drink water and tea infusions. Also fruit juices since vitamin C will metabolize alcohol. And to eat, spinach, tuna, sardines and nuts.

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Many of the dishes served these days would not be as caloric if it were not for the sauces that accompany them.


Ketchup contains 112 calories per 100 g; mustard 66 g, caesar sauce 330 g! Set them aside and give more importance to the flavor of the main food.


Do not run out of dessert, but set aside sweets and savor healthier dishes like fruit skewers or sorbets.


180 calories is what it contains a polvorón of about 35 g. Its high caloric intake comes from lard, that is, animal fat. In the case of almonds, you will have to add more calories.

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If you have not been able to resist Christmas delicacies and you have exceeded yourself, you will notice the most bloated stomach, it will cost you to do more digestions and you may have taken a few extra pounds. It is time to eliminate toxins. Include defatted broths in your diet, smoothies of fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, and drink 2 liters of water a day.

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