Tricks to enjoy Christmas without extra expenses

Tricks to enjoy Christmas without extra expenses

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Søstrene Grene

During Christmas, the disbursement is triggered in gifts, meals, parties ... We give you ideas to enjoy a party for little money without sacrificing quality and fun.


Anticipate your purchases. Start with time to buy your Christmas gifts. The rush of the last days will only lead you to acquire the first thing you see and at higher prices. Compare prices in different stores and websites before buying.

Play the invisible friend. If you are many in the family, a way to save in a fun and effective way, is to adopt this system in which, by secret raffle, each component of the family gives to another. So that everyone has a gift, but you only buy one, so the economic savings are considerable.

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Made for you Sign up for DIY fashion and surprise your friends and family with gifts made with your hands. Reuse items you have at home, take a step through the field and collect flowers, stones, etc., or get into the kitchen and prepare delicious cookies. They are present with a greater sentimental value because they have been made thinking exclusively of the entertained person.

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Write your letter. Ask to be given really useful things or that you need; sooner or later you would have to buy it and this will save you some money. And make sure all gifts carry a ticket for a possible return.


Courtesy of Parlane

Calculates what you can spend on each of the games: food, gifts, travel, etc., and do not get out of this calculation. Pay in cash or with debit card and avoid financing.


Purchase with time and freezes products such as seafood, lamb or sea bream, which become more expensive as the dates approach.

Johner Images

You can also look for cheaper alternatives and compensate with more sophisticated elaborations and taking great care of the presentation.


Recycle those of previous years or elaborate them yourself. Collect items from the nature like pineapples or stones and paint them or make pendants for the tree with felt or needle, like these. from

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