Ben Affleck's mansion

Ben Affleck's mansion

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The house of your dreams is now available and all thanks to Ben Affleck

The actor has put up for sale his impressive 35-acre mansion on Hampton Island, for $ 8.9 million, through Engel & Volkers, according to People. It is not cheap, but the majestic columns, the large porch and its style of Greek revival, are priceless.

The property, just 56 km from Savannah, Georgia, has a 560 square meter mansion (known as Big House), a cabin and a guest house. Inside the house with look Classic, there are four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, 4.5 meter ceilings, beautiful wooden floors, and numerous fireplaces.

Very close to the main house, there is a rustic house of 3,000 square meters, known as the "Oyster House." With its three master suites and several rooms with bunk beds (made from reclaimed ship wood), 20 people can easily sleep, with plenty of space.

The "Summer Cottage", It has a huge living area with mosquito net and terrace equipped with everything you need for an outdoor party north of the Newport River.

According Variety, the property (only open to visitors by invitation), has a golf course and an equestrian establishment, so there is much to keep busy ... although with that porch and those views, we have the feeling that you would not ... Leave home frequently.

Via: Country Living US


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