A current floor decorated with a wise mix of styles

A current floor decorated with a wise mix of styles

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When a person is passionate about his profession, he gradually weaves his own and non-transferable lifestyle, a peculiar way of capturing the sensations that come from abroad and that, in the end, although he is not aware of it, they shape his tastes and his personality. Perhaps this is why the passion for aesthetics, interior design, design, art and contemporary photography of the owner of this house, a stylist with extensive experience in the world of decoration, is perceived in each of its corners . Located in El Sardinero, Santander, it has about 120 m2, and after being renovated by the decorator Concha Rodríguez, from Telone Studio, it stands out for the choice of white to paint walls, doors and also the old floor, which is made of wood.

In the house a blank canvas has been created, a backdrop that acts as if the house were a large photo studio in which the pieces of furniture stand out and the details become relevant. Another important aspect of the reform has been redistribution, which has achieved open spaces. To start, and in order to dispense with doors, a partition has been lifted in the hall that separates it from the rest of the rooms but connects with the living room. The latter has gained meters by incorporating a large terrace and sharing space with the dining room, decorated in such a way that it is also a work area. A small room has also been removed to create a large dressing room that communicates with the master bedroom; and the same happens in the kitchen, where a partition that separated it from the office has been demolished. The renovation of the apartment also affected the heating and therefore, the owner got rid of the radiators that were, without any appeal, and replaced them with vertical and flat pieces, also white, that tune with the current aesthetics of the house. For the windows, the owner knew that she had to find a solution to avoid glare inside that, at the same time, hardly reduced the brightness. And he found it in cloth blinds with adjustable slats.

Finally, in this eagerness to achieve open spaces and achieve a sense of balance, the collection of photography that the owner so much appreciates stands out, it is not in vain signed by artists such as Chema Madoz, Ouka Lele or María Gorbeña. One more reflection of the intrinsic relationship between profession and private life.

Advertising - Keep reading below Glowing Hall

A chrome sofa, a blue carpet and a blanket give color to this immaculate space, where walls, furniture and floor shine. Carpet by Mosel. Manta, from La Central. Mirror, from Artespaña. Tulip coffee tables, designed by Eero Saarinen for Knoll, in Hard Chrome. FLAT>

Light in the lounge

The blinds that dress the two windows screen the abundant natural light to avoid glare, but do not reduce the brightness of the room. Between the two sofas, a pine table brings warmth and, together with the carpet, accentuates the whiteness of the environment by contrast. Silhouette Blinds, by Gradulux. FLAT>

Functional dining room

The dining room, located in the living room, is also used as a work corner. The refined and white design furniture blend with the walls and pavement. Next to the table, a low shelf, L-shaped, to organize books and diverse material. Mesa Less, from Molteni; and Akari lamp, Noguchi design on paper; both in Mosel. Chairs Tulip, by Knoll, in Hard Chrome. Flexo articulated Tolomeo, by Artemide, in Ilumina. Photographs by María Gorbeña and Ouka Lele. FLAT>

In the kitchen contrast in gray

In the kitchen, a stone-like ceramic front protects the painted wall from dirt and splashes. Its gray color integrates well with white furniture and countertop, and with appliances and auxiliary sideboard, made of stainless steel. Kitchen, from the Salvarani firm. Appliances, from Teka.

Order in the kitchen

Shelves and metal hooks, from Ikea, and furniture with wheels from the Metro system, from Wikinsa, acquired in Jota. FLAT>

In the bedroom, headboard with exposure

Photographs and pictures, of various formats, decorate the headboard; It is a blank design, which was custom-made, to adapt it to the setback created by the pillar. Two black flexos were also placed on its ledge that integrate well into this chiaroscuro set. Purple cushions, from Urbana. Knit blanket, Montes + Magic Decoration. Photographs by María Gorbeña. Paintings, from Oleaga. FLAT>

Bedroom with a lot to store

A practical cabinet with drawers, wall to wall, serves the owner of this house to organize its many accessories. Its symmetrical distribution transmits a sense of order and its height also adapts to that of the window. Silhouette Blinds, by Gradulux. Mannequins, by Vicente Navarro. On the dresser, lamp, by Habitat. FLAT>

Very feminine dressing table

A dressing table located near the dressing room, and formed by an antique piece of furniture and a wavy mirror, by Mosel. FLAT>

A very current bathroom

The sink rests on a Silestone countertop, synthetic material that also protects the front. The decoration of this front is completed with other modern designs: two ceiling lamps; a suspended furniture with removable drawers; and built-in spout faucet. Reflected in the mirror, the shower tiled in gray, with the same ceramic floor. Regina lamps, designed by Jorge Pensi for B.Lux. Towel and towels, Habitat. FLAT>


- The whole house decoration project revolves around white. It was raised as a great canvas in which furniture stands out for its refined design or color contrast and photographs for its quality and visual impact.
- To avoid glare, without losing light, very versatile blinds were commissioned, combining the properties of a curtain, a blind and a Venetian. They consist of two transparent interlaced polyester fabrics, among which S-shaped slats have been adjusted to achieve a different light effect. When they are lowered, the slats can be opened to see the outside. For more privacy, just close them.


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