A room decorated in toasted and blue

A room decorated in toasted and blue

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Decoration Keys: Blue and tan upholstery and classic furniture with different finishes that are updated with the accessories.

This room belongs to a rental apartment of the Residential Campus El Encinar de Santo Domingo, designed for the elderly. Algete, Madrid. Tel .: 916 220 300.

Advertising - Keep reading below A room in natural tones

With blue and tan tones, a natural and relaxing environment was created. The blinds, the white lacquered desk and the lamps give a modern air to the classic decoration. Pedraza sofa (€ 1,097) with Coimbra fabric (€ 47 / m), coffee table, in oak (€ 735), night table (€ 288), blinds (€ 1,250) and carpet, KP (€ 397); Everything, in Lienzo de los Gazules. Lamps: in the dresser, of Light Years, and in the nightstand, of Ideas Luz.
July 2008 prices

A classic and functional lounge

With a renewed classic decoration, this room is also very functional thanks to a window, which allows the passage of natural light. A narrow table supports the sofa, without overwhelming the space. Coffee table (€ 275), Louis XVI armchair (€ 520) and blanket, from Lienzo de los Gazules. Constanza Lamp, by Luceplan (€ 308.56 in Ideas Luz). Cushions, by Gastón and Daniela. Picture (€ 165 in Brocar).
July 2008 prices

Lounge with desk

Lacquered in white and with a refined design, the desk contrasts with the rest of the furniture. Desk (€ 740) and chest of drawers (€ 535), from VTV. Armchair, from Lienzo de los Gazules (€ 407). Floor lamp, by Artemide (€ 262.26 in Ideas Luz). White vases, from Domus.
July 2008 prices


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