Winter is coming: Game of Thrones, a decoration of legend

Winter is coming: Game of Thrones, a decoration of legend

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After four successful seasons, the HBO series Game of Thrones Come back this spring to delight your devoted fans. Fiction, based on the novel Rio Song of ice and fire, by George R. R. Martin, It tells the adventures - rather misadventures - of nobles and commoners in Poniente, a continent that could very well be Medieval Europe, although with subtle fantastic brushstrokes.

The Seven Kingdoms, governed by many other lords and feudal houses, they pay homage to a single king who imposes his law from the Iron Throne, in King's Landing, a port city where the best and worst of that stark world is concentrated. With these premises it is to be assumed that from palaces to dungeons there are many scenarios through which our heroes transist, which are not few, since Martin's novel is a choral story in which the characters are responsible for unraveling the plot chapter a chapter.

In this new season, which opens on April 12 worldwide, we will have new scenarios. To the sets The Spanish enclaves of Seville and Osuna are added from Ireland and Croatia, which will recreate the exotic lands of Dorne. Skins, hunting trophy or rough wood coexist in this bronco universe with silks, fine crystals or precious metals present in King's Landing, Free Cities or in the capital of Dorne, Lanza del Sol. A fascinating environment that you can recreate with the right pieces. You know… Winter is coming!

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The Game of Thrones story begins when the king, Robert Baratheon, names Eddard Stark his "Hand" (royal advisor), which leads to dangerous palace intrigues in the sinister King's Landing court. The patriarch of Winterfell must leave family and castle and start a long journey that will end disastrously for his House.

The Lannister brothers

The Lannisters, gentlemen of Roca Casterly, are immensely rich and powerful. The three brothers: Jaime, Cersey and Tyrion are key characters in the plot and their actions will bring dire consequences to the plot. Cersei, as Robert's queen and wife, lives in a sumptuous palace and attends multiple parties and swampy banquets. His rooms in King's Landing are decorated with silks, brocades and delicate carved furniture.

Dorne's exotic luxury

The most independent and exotic of the Seven Kingdoms, Dorne, is chaired by the Martell House and its capital is Lanza del Sol. Its prince and lord, Doran Martell, is a sensible and thoughtful man, but of delicate health. Most of his time he stays at the Water Gardens, a summer residence near the sea, surrounded by fountains, pools and swimming pools. East sofa, of Maisons du Monde, could, without a doubt, be part of the furniture of this sumptuous palace. Multicolored cushions and a fluffy mattress make it the ideal sleeping furniture lulled by the murmur of water.

In the shining candlelight

In this dark medieval world, electricity is far from making its appearance. Torches, bonfires and candles are responsible for lighting and heating on the very long and cold nights of its endless winter. Of course, the candlesticks rich metals are not lacking in the chambers of ladies and gentlemen. This chrome model with five arms and 1.45 m high is from Maisons du Monde.

The skins are not missing

Skins and wood are basic materials with which to build furniture and accessories for the rooms of the castles of northern Poniente. Surely Stark heirs have a stool like this in his rooms in which boys are instructed by septones and girls, by septa. Model Beqi, from Mimub.

Hunting trophies

When they are not on the battlefield, the brave knights dedicate their leisure hours to the art of hunting. The Poniente forests are inhabited by numerous wild animals, food sources and clothing; Among these beasts are also the majestic wolf wolves, Stark children's pets and heraldic emblem of that house. The heads of deer, wild boar or elk preside over the cold halls of the northern mansions. False trophy for sale in Mimub.

Secrets Safe

In the court rooms scares can not miss secretaries or bargueños Exquisite design with multiple drawers and secret springs to hide documents, letters or evidence that can be used against an enemy. This is from

A queen's bed

The beautiful and perfidious Cersei does not show loyalty to her king. In its bed, dressed in rich silk sheets, has shared secrets and evils with more than one courtier. With canopy and painted steel structure, this model of Maisons du Monde, with canopy and veils, is perfect for a queen.

At his feet

The classic carpet Animal skin is present in ponienti houses. It is a common resource to alleviate the cold of the stone floors of castles and palaces. Skin, from Ikea.

Mirror Mirror…

Samsa Stark, the fiance of the king boy, is a flirtatious and dreamy young woman who spends hours combing her coppery mane in front of the mirror. Dream of princes and princesses in a fantastic world without imagining how raw reality will turn your world upside down. Sun model with frame in golden finish, from Zara Home.

Lights and shadows

The large court tables are chaired by huge lamps with numerous arms and candles. There are many occasions to celebrate in the life of the Ponienti nobles. But no banquet is as famous in Game of Thrones as that of the Red Wedding, after it our story takes an unexpected turn. Lamp with bone structure and leather screens, from

Wines of the Rejo

The Machiavellian plans of the southern lords are signed with a toast with Rejo wines. It is a golden and sweet variety that is consumed, especially in King's Landing. To enjoy this elixir, nothing better with some cups of peaks with these, from Zara Home.

Iron age

The Iron Islands, dominated by the Greyjoy House, are the territory of hard men, who live from the sea and never cultivate. Is lamp aged iron would look perfect in the halls of Theon Greyjoy, Eddard Stark's ward and traitor to his House. It's from Mimub

Breakfast in Poniente

Fans of the series have their favorite Houses and defend their masters of the Seven Kingdoms with nails and teeth. What better sign of fidelity than to display his heraldic emblem on his Cup for breakfast, these can be purchased at the Fnac.

The Worgo Wolf

It is the emblem of the Stark, lords of Winterfell, and mascot of their children looks on this shirt of the Fnac.


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