Errors you should avoid in decorating your home

Errors you should avoid in decorating your home

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We are human and we make mistakes, but in decoration the majority can be avoided, since the decisions are made cold, with a planning and an objective. The reward: there are no unpleasant surprises and there is a top interior design. The house never starts on the roof, but if it is too late, it can almost always be rectified. Discover what is usually done wrong with this selection of the most frequent deco-errors.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Too much makeup

Walls with interest vs. saturation
Several walls painted in super intense colors cause eyestrain. Repeat the same decorative resource in different rooms of the house, not decorate ... tired. The same goes for decorative painting techniques, resorting to more than three? in a house of 80 m2, it is excessive ... The solution for those who want to enhance the walls: the alternation of ideas / resources. In addition to painting, there are wallpapers, photomurals, large format photography, backlit panels, collages deco with sun mirrors or other designs, vinyls, pictures, posters, a composition handmade, letters oversized, phrases ... Something essential in the case of painting: try on-site several shades, depending on the natural / artificial light of the room. Interior design, Egue and Mushroom. On wall, wallpaper, by Coordonné. Sofa, upholstered in leather, and coffee table, by Bianca Bosman. Cushions, by Lu Ink. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas. Pavement, of Hydraulic Space.

2 Grim lighting

Iwarm lighting, with nuances and decorative vs. iannoying and unflattering lighting
Lighting and lighting are different things. Illuminate a little room has in common with the lighting of a storage room, for example. Among the most common mistakes, place the ceiling lamp and forget about everything else. The stage effect of powerful lighting on the ceiling is annoying and unflattering. The solution: a versatile lighting, which adapts to the various activities carried out. Basic to have several strategically placed points of light that help create an environment. Combine different types of lighting, general, environmental and punctual: ceiling, desktop, floor, enhancement ... and install dimmers or intensity regulators, to create an intimate, suggestive atmosphere ... Decoration, study MA + an interior design. Suspension lamps Beat Light, by Tom Dixon, in Light Years. Table and chairs, Habitat.

3 Obstacle course

Fluid circulation vs. zpassing waves with barriers and impassable
This error and the previous one happen when the furniture has been chosen "by eye", without taking exact measurements, nor making a detailed plan. It also appears every time you try to apply at home the distribution that you liked so much in someone else's house, usually in a magazine. You should always make a comfortable space to drive, without barriers. The solution: when you have thought about a distribution, check that the usual passage areas are clear, especially the area near the doors. Functional distribution is key. Reform and interior design of the Arkittec studio, where the oval and gold mirror comes from. Lacquered chest of drawers, from Europe 20.

4 Choose the wrong size

Carpet that looks vs. carpet too small
In carpets for the living area, the ideal is that the furniture touches some part of the area covered by the carpet. What happens when the carpet you buy is small? The carpet is placed, the furniture ends up being too close together, more than desired, and the atmosphere is crowded. The solution involves measuring the space to find a carpet of adequate size and shape. Carpets, from The Rug Company, at BSB. Lacquered table, design by María Lladó

5 That sofa that does not fit ...

Planning vs. the misuse of space
What do we mean? It's simple; To ignore the measurements of the room. Before acquiring furniture, both basic and auxiliary, you have to measure and take into account the surface and floor of that room, the location of radiators, windows, plugs ... And also habits. A sofa that does not fit where you had thought is a mistake as important as rushing to buy a spectacular dining table, but too huge when you are only four and do not usually have guests. Decoration, Lucas and Hernández-Gil Studio. Sofa Ground, Flexform Pillows and blanket, from Missoni. Linen curtains, from Lantero.

6 Cables up in the soup

A techno house without wires vs. copen everywhere
A spectacular flat screen television, impressive audio equipment and almost the best computer on the market. And what do you see? Cables everywhere ... that ruin the decoration. Hiding or concealing all the cables of electronic devices is not an impossible mission. The strips should be an interim solution. What can be done? For example, the next time you go to paint, take the opportunity to brush and modify plugs and connections. If you prefer, here is another option: anchor a Pladur or DM plate to the partition, plan the location of the plugs and make the holes for the connection of each device. In this area of ​​the room, with the mythical chaise longue Charles & Ray Eames, edited by Vitra, next to the window, installed a flat-screen Samsung TV; an audio equipment, from Bang & Olufsen and a suspended module to place other systems, such as the DVD, magazines, controls ... The floor lamp is from Artemide.

7 The whole lot

Decorate with fusion of styles vs. tofurniture with a set of furniture
Buy the complete living room with the same design and materials / finishes, do the same with the matching dining room and the identical bedroom ... Decorating and furnishing are different things. Furnishing a house with the complete furniture set causes a showcase effect, the antithesis of a home, right? That is, anyone can buy the set and have the same space. Homogeneity, in decoration, is boring, monotonous and impersonal, your house could look more like a franchise or a hotel. Is what you want? The fusion of styles, the mix of author's designs, with pieces of furniture and furniture of different style and origin are in fashion and create more vivid, personal and cozy environments. Decoration, Mill-House studio. Next to the American oak desk, the chair Comback, by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell, inspired by the armchair Windsor

8 Decorate is brave

Courage vs. fear
The scenic panic is not just for the actors. It is common to feel afraid to decorate and have doubts about the final result when you decorate your own home. It is also usual that this is why it tends to a standard and impersonal decoration, which does not cause any feeling of affinity and well-being at home. If there is an attractive piece for oneself, but that would be eccentric for the rest, why not dare? If you always liked it, as you would say in English, go for it! Remembering who lives in the house and who should feel comfortable in it is essential. The bed, made with several metal scaffolding, is a design by Úmeme, like the table lamp. The bedside table is lined with recycled cans. Bedding, from Filocolore.


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