Where and how to place the TV in the living room

Where and how to place the TV in the living room

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Technology has never been very kind to our necks, posture or sight. And it may seem the typical saying of a mother, but among the mobiles that force us to be all day with our heads down and glued to the screen, and the constant use of computers we can conclude that technological progress is It produces at the expense of our own bodies. And one of the worst favors you can do to your neck is to put the television set on top of the fireplace.

It may seem like a good place. Surely you have planned and decorated your living room around your beautiful fireplace to also be able to hang the television on top. Why miss the focal point of the room, right? Wrong. Here are some reasons:

Place the screen too high for comfortable enjoyment

The main reason why it is not recommended at all to place the TV on top of the fireplace is because the screen is at a height that makes vision difficult and forces uncomfortable postures. You sit on the couch, head up, as if you were in the dentist's chair. And it is not the best way to sit.

The televisions exceed the dimensions of the chimneys

Have you seen the prices of large televisions today? Ridiculous price could be said. A huge screen that is visible from your neighbors' house is usually cheaper than your iPhone or MacBook. And these televisions would be ridiculously large next to a normal-sized fireplace. Are you sure that the throw of your chimney can withstand such sizes?

Compete with the fireplace (and vice versa)

Surely you paid extra money to have a nice fireplace at home. And now you distract attention with a television. And on the contrary also, when you want to look only at the TV, the fire or a large black hole may get your attention too much.

You'll end up making holes in the fireplace

Especially if you have any electronic device like PlayStation or Wii, or even a DVD. Keep in mind that the time will come when you have to make holes.

We know that the question then arises "Where would you put it if it is not above the fireplace?" Fortunately there are several options.

Place it next to the fireplace

"I've never been fan of putting the television on top of the chimney because it is common for the proportions to be distorted and although we measure and calculate the height at which we think it will look good, the TV is usually always too high. When we have a choice, we always put the television aside "says designer Scot Meacham Wood. This room is not designed by Scot but gives us a good idea of ​​how it would look.

Place it on the opposite side of the fireplace
Francesco Lagnese

If your living room is large enough, divide the space into two distinct areas: one for the television and one for the fireplace. Why not? Or, if you have an open space with living room and dining room, change the arrangement of the dining room and put it next to the fireplace.

Place it perpendicular to the fireplace
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Place the television on the wall adjacent to the fireplace. With this arrangement you can enjoy both the fireplace and the screen that will also fill an empty and wasted wall.

Or do not place any television at all
James Merell

Nor should we go so far and ban all television at home but something similar yes. Instead of this radical idea you can choose to dedicate one of the rooms to enjoy television, if you have enough space at home, of course. It has been done a lifetime. Let's get that idea back.

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