Party time: 7 guidelines for organizing an outdoor party

Party time: 7 guidelines for organizing an outdoor party

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The English Court

In summer, any outdoor space is perfect for organizing a party. Choose a shaded area (or incorporate parasols and pergolas where to take refuge from the sun), calculate the food based on the number of attendees and decorate the environment with furniture and details that guarantee comfort for all your guests. We tell you what other aspects you have to take into account so that your party It is great.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Proof of everything The English Court

You need an area to locate the canapés, drinks and dishes that you are going to serve. It is not necessary that it is a traditional dining room with table and chairs (although if you have one, perfect). A low table like the one in this outdoor lounge, you also manage. Of course, choose furniture that resists well the trot that will support and textiles that can be washed. You will avoid many dislikes.

From El Corte Inglés: Le Mans green garden collection (made of aluminum and synthetic fiber with removable cushions). Pieces from € 129.

2 support areas The English Court

Another option, for your guests to enjoy a pleasant chat while having a snack or a refreshing drink, is to splash the space with high side tables. In case they do not take into account that certain drinks can leave marks on certain surfaces, put tables with mosaic board, a very decorative material, maxi trend outdoors, and very resistant to stains and friction.

From the El Corte Inglés brand: Nador auxiliary garden table (€ 169); Agadir nest (€ 129) and Medina side table (€ 99.95).

3 Undisputed presence The English Court

Get the idea that you can't miss a barbecue at your party. There is no summer meeting or party worth its salt without this helpless cooking system. If you are going to prepare skewers, remember to wet the sticks before they do not burn on the coals, calculate about 250 g of food per person and wait for the charcoal to turn gray or the firewood is in embers to place the food in the grill.

From El Corte Inglés: Montana charcoal and wood barbecue (€ 319). With cover and front door to remove ashes.

4 Tableware with a plus of style

Even if you are organizing an informal party and the food is abroad, there are things that are not appropriate. For example, prepare everything with good taste and then lower the bar using plastic plates, which fall apart.

Opt for a modern tableware, made of sturdy material, which views your party's style and trend. Like the ones in the picture, made of melamine, with relief and marine decoration.

From El Corte Inglés: melamine tableware by Mare pieces (from € 5.95) and melamine tableware with Coquillage relief (from € 15.95).

5 Enter the color The English Court

To make your party stand out, it needs a lot of color! In case it inspires you: if the guests are going to take a bath, leave towels within their reach in sparkling and fresh tones; Another idea is to place beach sarongs with tropical prints and vitamin tones, on cushions and upholsteries. Or, distribute colored tablecloths and napkins among the attendees and create areas with the nuances of summer.

From El Corte Inglés: placemats (from € 2.95), available in 12 colors and in different materials.

6 Cushions as improvised seat The English Court

In case you were surprised by the number of people who have confirmed assistance to your party and you don't have chairs for everyone (which is usually usual), get a good number of sofa cushions (with washable covers), floor cushions and poufs that guarantee comfort to all guests. If you have organized a marine-themed party, these coastal-style striped cushions will look great on you.

From El Corte Inglés: plain and striped cushions (from € 4), available in more colors.

7 Light up the areas well The English Court

When the light of day falls, it is not essential to end that party that, with such care, you have organized. Whether with candles, with solar lanterns, with led outdoor lamps, with sconces or with floating candles in the pool ... it illuminates the different areas well and creates a magical atmosphere for guests to continue enjoying their conversation. And, above all, to reduce accidents in the garden.

From El Corte Inglés: Wire grid lantern (from € 49.95), Ivory taco candle (€ 7.95) and Coco floating candle with citronella (€ 4.95).


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