We review 9 decorative trends that we must improve in our homes

We review 9 decorative trends that we must improve in our homes

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We have seen them all: Magnificent ideas that we discover in blogs, but that really are not all the practical things they should be for real life. For example, the fashion of open shelves, or sofa covers ... these are just some ideas that we better leave to professionals on Pinterest.

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They seem practical, right? But never, never adapt to the sofa. And even if they do, they fade as soon as someone sits.

Photo: Lee Edwards.

Art (or mirrors) in the kitchen

Like the beautiful tableware displayed on an open shelf, works of art (or mirrors) in the kitchen attract all the dust and grease.

Photo: Astronaut Images.

Long curtains

The elegance of extra long curtains is undeniable, but if you have a pet, all they see is a new place to take a nap. After a while, the curtains will have an effect with two tones.

Photo: Astronaut Images.

White ottomans

It is a natural option because the neutral tone combines with virtually any other color, but white furniture requires a lifestyle change that is not feasible for most of us. If you think about it, why choose a white color for something where you will support your feet?

Photo: Benjamin Torode

A bed against the wall

If your bedroom is small, you may have no choice. But if you put the bed against the wall (or the window) to create a cozy corner, you should know that you will have to move the bed every time you make it.

Photo: Joe St. Pierre.

Bathtubs with legs

The bathtubs vintage They are beautiful, but often have a non-porous surface that requires careful cleaning. In addition, the height of the sides can also be a danger when leaving the bathroom. If you add a shower, you will need several shower curtains to cover the bathroom with splashes.

Photo: David Papazian.

Slate walls

Although it may seem like a fun idea, many are surprised to discover that once they paint a wall with slate paint, they will have to endure it for a long time. The thick paint is very, very difficult to cover. In addition, chalk never writes enough clean on the wall, creating a feeling of dirt and dusty.

Photo: Hero Images

Open shelves

While we love to see a beautiful tableware exposed on an open shelf, the reality can be a bit frustrating because of all the dust and grease in the kitchen that end up in plates, bowls, cups and glassware.

Photo: Helena Schaeder Söderberg.

Basin basins

The raised basin bowl means more cleaning (you can't imagine how much dirt accumulates under the sink). And if the tap is a bit powerful, the drops splash in all directions.

Photo: Terry J Alcorn.

Via: Good Housekeeping US


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