Bedrooms with integrated bathroom

Bedrooms with integrated bathroom

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Joining a bathroom to a bedroom is a very practical and, above all, very comfortable option. But how to integrate them well? We offer several solutions for you to choose the one that best suits you

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Located in the background

It has been the place chosen to place the bathroom, next to the closets. Thus, in this way, it is inside the room but completely independent, since it closes with a glass door. A good idea.

2 With washbasin in sight

Both spaces are open and well connected. The tables have a shelf to place large boxes.

3 Partial partitions

Two walls of work help to integrate the bathroom in a small space.The white and blue are combined in the furniture and all the accessories.

4 The bed under the window

That is where the rest area has been located, to have more clarity. The headboard, from Espacio en Blanco by Ebanistería Meneses, takes advantage of the entire width of the wall and has a storage area. Bedding set, by Ikea, and lamp, by India & Pacific. A thin blind filters the passage of light when more privacy is wanted. An ethnic cushion, by Luzio -like the blanket-, animates the environment.

5 semi-raised bathroom

Located on a higher level, it is accessed by a step.The headboard has been created with a painted wooden panel.

6 Uniformity of tones

It is what unites both environments, decorated with raw and brown colors. In the bathroom, stands out the furniture in wenge, made to measure and designed by Miluca Armengol. It houses a white washbasin, from Ikea, accompanied by an antique mirror, from El Rastro de Madrid. The circle paper that covers the wall is the same as that of the headboard area. In the corner, the shower.

7 Connected by a corridor

The bed is located next to the window and the central area has been reserved to make a closet as it goes from floor to ceiling. Opposite a sink has been placed on a suspended countertop and, on both sides, two shoe cabinets. The mirror multiplies the light in this area.

8 With a rustic style

The partitions, which do not reach the ceiling to let light into the bathroom, have a double use: one of them serves as support in front of the washbasin cabinet, which is masonry, and the shower behind, which is hidden. The other camouflages the toilet. A great idea for mini rooms.

9 A small independent toilet

A washbasin cabinet, designed by Espacio en Blanco and made by Ebanistería Meneses, marks the entrance to the bathroom. The toilet and shower are insulated with a glass door and have been covered with beige tiles, from Via Cerámica.

10 separate spaces

At the entrance, a dressing room and a bathroom precede the bed area. Visual continuity Oak wood is the link between the sleeping area and the bathroom and the dressing room. In the latter, designed by Espacio en Blanco and made by Ebanistería Meneses, a closet with mirror doors has been put in place to give a feeling of spaciousness.

11 Insulated by walls

The shower area is hidden behind a front with glass doors. The washbasin, exempt, has been placed on a shelf in a wall lined with stone. Opposite are the cabinets, with glass doors, as well as access to the toilet.
Other ideas to copy
◗ Opening a bay in the partition that separates the bedroom and the bathroom is an excellent option. Of course, in this case it is important to isolate the toilet.
◗ If the bathroom and bedroom are adjoining, you can make a pavement partition with a glass door to communicate them.
◗ If you have few meters, place the toilet in the background. Spread it through a sheet of fixed acid glass, so that only the sink is visible, and the shower and toilet are hidden.

12 An L-shaped piece of furniture

Located in the central part of the bedroom, it houses the washbasin area, serves to store and also functions as a bedside table as it extends to the bed. In cherry finish and white Silestone countertop, it is custom made by Acana. With plenty of storage, thanks to low cabinets.

13 The dressing room at the entrance

Two 4 m long built-in wardrobes, custom-made by Acana, provide space to store all clothing. They are made with oak wood frames and white glass sliding doors.

14 Cleanliness with lots of light

Located just in front of the low furniture, it has become independent with a practical sliding glass door to the acid that does not detract from the room and, in addition, it allows clarity to pass. It has a built-in towel rail. The toilet and shower are separated by a wall of pavements. The roof windows bring great luminosity to the whole room.


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