The houses of the most viewed readers in 2018!

The houses of the most viewed readers in 2018!

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It is one of the most viewed sections of our website, and it is not for less ... We like and like the houses of our readers, and in them we discover great ideas. Of all styles, sizes, with or without views, refurbished or premiered, throughout the year we are receiving your photos with love, so before the end of the year we wanted to make a ranking of the most viewed per month.

JANUARY: A floor with a decoration low cost full of ingenuity

Rachel's house. Courtesy of Rachel

In January, our reader Raquel invited us to visit her new apartment in Pamplona and told us how, by choosing furniture well, a beautiful and functional decoration can be achieved, without spending much money.

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FEBRUARY: Before and after: A floor rescued from oblivion

The house of Virtues. Courtesy of Virtues

In February, the most viewed house was this apartment in Granada that after being closed and forgotten for years, our reader Virtues renewed it and filled it with life and hope.

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MARCH: A family home built from scratch

Eva's house. Courtesy of Eva

In March, our reader Eva taught us to move to her house located in a town near Granada. Here she lives with her family, her husband's art and the furniture they have restored as a family.

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APRIL: Before and after: the reform of an apartment with sea views

Aurora's house. Courtesy of Aurora

Our reader Aurora invites us to know her apartment in Mijas. A home open to the sea thanks to a reform that included the terrace inside.

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MAY: A serene and cozy apartment with lots of light

The house of Agnes. Courtesy of Agnes

In the house of Agnes reigns the minimalist-nodal style - as she explains to us - where white, parquet wood, grays and blues are the protagonists. The apartment stands out for its large windows and the views of the four towers of Madrid.

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JUNE: A flat with a terrace and mountain views

Isabel's house. Courtesy of Isabel

Isabel has decorated her house with a romantic touch, located on the island of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. With mountain views, the terrace becomes an outdoor lounge where you can enjoy the good weather and the surroundings.

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JULY: Patricia's house

Patricia's house. Patricia García Pinilla

In Patricia's house, white is the common factor in all rooms and the touches of color are the ones that add dynamism and vitality.

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AUGUST: The cozy penthouse with Pilar terrace

Pilar's house. Courtesy of PIlar

This apartment is located on the top floor of a building of 10 heights, in Benidorm, and the views from the terrace are enviable.

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SEPTEMBER: Inma's house is a reflection of her passion for deco ... and we love it!

Inma's house. Courtesy of Inma Cardenas

Garden, pool, hammock ... Our reader Inma's house has it all!

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OCTOBER: A house with respect for the past

Susana Arribas's house. Courtesy of Susana Arribas

In an era where waste is frowned upon, reinvent the furniture It is presented as the ideal alternative to decorate the environment and give it personality.

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NOVEMBER: Raquel's house is decorated in a fresh and very modern style

Raquel Ayllón

Raquel is a reader for years and an enthusiastic instagramer. We can't like your house anymore, a true lesson on how to adapt your house to your tastes.

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We will have to wait even a few days to know which house will be successful this month over the others ...

If you answered yes, you just have to send us photos to: community @

And stay tuned, soon we will know which one will succeed in December and we will get the Top10 of 2018.


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