An all-in-one renovated apartment

An all-in-one renovated apartment

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The interior designer Núria Llorens has been responsible for carrying out the reform of this apartment, a small house, resolved with originality and versatile solutions.

When the family increased, the owners of this house (a second residence located in Calella de Palafrugell) had the need to gain a sense of spaciousness and redistribute the space so that life with several members would be more functional and so that this small apartment could accommodate to more people.

In the reform some partitions were eliminated. The result is a flat that has a large common area with a living and dining area and an adjoining bedroom, independent through a sliding door. The bed simulates one more sofa to integrate into the living room when the door is open.

And as a picture is worth a thousand words, it is best to see how the distribution has been resolved.

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The library in the common area is a design that captures looks, manufactured by Llorens Cabinetmaking.

Large amplitude

White and land are the shades used in the interior design of this small apartment, located in Calella de Palafrugell. In this way we have sought to gain visual amplitude.

The parquet brings warmth.

All in one

In this house and after the reform the fair partitions have been maintained. Núria Llorens signs the interior design, the original solutions of integration or delimitation of environments and the chromatic choice, which expands the space.

This shot shows how the sofa is based on a customized solution as a dining table, with stools and two ceiling lamps hanging over it.

Large seating area

The day area is an open space in which the dining room and living room are located. After a sliding door, the master bedroom with a bed "camouflaged" as a sofa and closets.

A large L-shaped sofa and a low table decorate the living room.

All furniture has been custom made by Llorens Cabinetmaking.

The bedroom

Sliding doors make the bedroom independent or integrated.

Bed or sofa

The mattress is placed on a structure, which has a storage module on one side, under the window.

It is arranged as if it were another sofa.

Chest chest

The module attached to the bed has shelves and a lid that hides a chest for storage. With a table lamp is the perfect bedside table.