Poinsettia: the main plant of the season

Poinsettia: the main plant of the season

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Christmas arrives and in homes, a common natural denominator lives in all of them: poinsettia or, as it is commonly called, Poinsettia.

This beautiful plant, originally from Mexico, stands out for its intense red color and helps beautify our homes during the Christmas season. It extols tables when used as a natural center, lifts the magic of a fir tree when placed in a complementary way and welcomes in the most magical way when it stands out in a hall.

The problem? Few survive after the Christmas season. It is precisely not a plant that requires special care, because it adapts easily to any environment.

It is perfect both indoors and outdoors. Your needs are based on location and good drainage that keeps moisture. To do this, place it in a sunny place if it is in the garden or in a bright area inside the house, such as a window. Above all, during the flowering season. It will make your red intensify, as the winter sun is not as intense as the scorching summer sun. And remember: away from radiators.

To keep it fresh, water twice a week without flooding. Its pruning arrives in spring. In this way, you will favor its growth for next year. And of course, it is also convenient that you fortify it with a fertilizer every fifteen days.

A trick: To keep moisture, place it on a plate with water and arlite or volcanic soil, without the water touching the pot.

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