The first home of a family

The first home of a family

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"When they raised the purchase of the apartment, we accompanied them to see the possibilities. Upon entering we fell in love!" This is explained by Laura and Bárbara, the sisters responsible for the Mäinities study, the first contact they had with the apartment that would become the first home of Elia and Raúl. The crush on this floor of Barcelona in 1853 came motivated by the potential it had and the charm of its hydraulic floors, its tiling, the moldings of its high ceilings and the original carpentry that wanted to "enhance with the rest of the design."

The first step was to restore the vestiges of the past. In those areas where the tiles could not recover because they were in a very bad state, a light parquet was placed to highlight the graphic motifs. The carpentry was painted to highlight the height of the ceilings and in the bathroom of the master bedroom part of the structure of the work and the natural stone was left in sight.

"At the level of furniture, we try to place the necessary and more basic pieces, because although the rooms are large, the openings that give access to the rooms limited us when placing more furniture," they explain. Here, the Nordic style, minimalism and natural touches merge and give warmth and comfort of home while leaving the prominence to the structure. "It was a very rewarding project and we enjoyed a lot with Elia, Raúl and Pol (the little one who arrived after finishing the works). Perhaps that is why the apartment is a reflection of his personality and his lifestyle," they say proudly.

Advertising - Keep reading below Love at first sight

Just by crossing the door of this apartment, the interior designers of Mäinities and the couple interested in buying it fell in love with him.

A lot of potential

Hydraulic floors, high ceilings, moldings ... The original floor elements were very charming.


With the new design, the interior designers wanted to enhance the original elements.

Nerve point

The rest of the rooms leave the dining room.

Nordic style

The pieces of furniture, in a Nordic and minimalist style, enhance the character of the original elements of the floor.

The best friend

In the picture, Walter, the family dog.

Between stoves

Kitchen visa.

White and grey

The colors chosen to leave the spotlight on the ground

Touch wood

The original carpentry was painted to enhance the height of the ceilings

Original coating

In the bathroom en suite the original tiles of the walls were kept.

Nothing to hide

During the renovation the walls were chopped and the original work was discovered. The designers wanted to leave it in sight.

Main bedroom

The couple's room is hidden behind a double door.

Stepping strong

The hydraulic pavement was restored and, where it was not possible, it was replaced by a parquet that boosted the original floor.

Good support.

A half-height wall acts as a headboard and bedside tables.

To stay blank

View of the main bathroom.

Round piece

The only piece that breaks the monochrome is the round mirror.

Relaxing bath

Bathtub detail.