Hello beauty addicts, here you have the best tricks to save on makeup

Hello beauty addicts, here you have the best tricks to save on makeup

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Emilija Manevska

Since the fever of make up came to social networks and tutorials of Youtube they became our new religion, bathroom cabinets, dressers and toilets do not give enough to such a number of makeup products.

But space is not the only problem, also the money we spend on them. And, let's face it, we don't need half of the lipstick or eye shadows we have. So, why not take a look at our list of tips to save you a little money on your products beauty?

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Take out the entire arsenal ... and put order! Emilija Manevska

You may find it boring, but we assure you that it is more than necessary ... Choose a very wide table and take out all your makeup products, place them in classes, and check the expiration dates (Yes, makeup also expires). Don't worry about throwing them away, your skin is sacred!

2 Surprise! Carol Yepes

Sure you have makeup products that you do not use daily because they are more flashy or only suitable for parties, and surely when you go through Sephora they are the first ones that get your attention.

For that very reason, to avoid buying things you don't need (however cute), gather all the makeup you have of that style in a beautiful bag, and when you crave, check it out. You will realize that you have more than enough and the desire to spend will disappear (at least a little).

3 Eye with the bases bs-photo

Trying makeup bases is as addictive as trying chocolate tablets, but like all other products beauty… Are not necessary!

Just know your skin tone and invest in two bases: one light for day to day and another with more coverage for parties and special events. Everything else is over.

4 Do you need so many nail polishes? Carol Yepes

The logical answer is: no. Surely you do not use half, or sometimes very but very few.

That's why the best thing is that stay only with those you usually wear And remember what your favorite colors are the next time you visit a cosmetics store.

5 Create your own palette Cristian Mihai Candle / EyeEm

As much as I tempt you the new eyeshadow palette just announced by your youtuber favorite, do your wallet a favor and check the shadows you have at home. Then, paste them on a chromatically arranged plastic base, and that's it! You already have your own palette from eyeshadows customized

6 Inquire before buying Jonathan Knowles

Instead of buying tuntun in the first store on-line That you find, Look for the same product on other pages, because you will surely find it cheaper!

7 Give them a new use Vesna Jovanovic / EyeEm

If you have one lipstick that does not convince you, mix it with your petroleum jelly and you will get a tinted lip balm Without spending a single euro.

And if you bought a illuminator that you don't like, join it to your body cream and shine every day! The thing is to use it.


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