The latest trend! 3 reasons NOT to give dinner at your wedding

The latest trend! 3 reasons NOT to give dinner at your wedding

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Oh, weddings ... How many joys, and how many headaches! I've only been organizing mine for a month, and although all ...

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1. Cocktail time is the funniest part of any wedding

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So ... Why limit it to one hour? I want the whole wedding to be like a festival. Yes, of course there will be seats for the elderly and all those who need a I rest, but I will not put a chair for each guest.

2. A long dinner is boring

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Cocktail time is the best way to start (and continue) the party, because if you sit down for dinner you will spend the rest of the wedding glued to the table, and when it comes to getting up ... you will need a espresso Double to get energy!

3. You will not have to choose between chicken, steak or fish

The catering Wedding is usually somewhat mediocre, and I do not feel like sending the typical invitations they give to choose between chicken, steak or fish. I prefer people to have fun while enjoying good snacks. But with this I do not mean to spend the night pecking at a cheese tray, because there are options such as empanadas or lamb chops, which are perfect to be filled in the same way they would with a main course.

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