Top 10 of the news of Ikea

Top 10 of the news of Ikea

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The last thing to arrive from the decoration firm Ikea is here. It is a limited edition It is served in a tropical tray from February 22. And why in tropical tray? Because Scandinavian design keeps its essence simple in the line Tillfälle (and the name retains the Swedish tradition) but merges with the warmth of colors inspired by Brazil.

A curious and striking mix that merges the differences between both cultures. From large furniture to accessories with which to put a piece of Sao Paulo in our house, wherever you are.

In we have chosen the 10 pieces that we liked the most from the collection. Look at them and choose quickly if you don't want to run out of them.

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The collection Tillfälle, of Ikea, reinvents the Scandinavian design, merged with the exoticism of Brazil.

This tray has made us fall in love. Between pop art Y Animal Print. We stayed to take the mojitos to the terrace this spring!

Tray (€ 17.99), in solid wood and aluminum. It measures 44 cm in diameter.


To contemplate life. Linear and original design.

Patterned rugs

Prints and shapes at your feet. The rugs in this collection are inspired by the sidewalks of Copacabana Beach in Rio. Don't you think they have a hippie and contemporary style?

Wool rugs, of varied drawings and different sizes.

Kitchen table to the rhythm of Bossa Nova

This side table is inspired by xylophones. Test your creativity and combine the colored ribbons as you wish.

It is perfect in the kitchen, as a sideboard in the dining room, in the hall ... Look for a hole!

Side table in fiber board, eucalyptus veneer and solid beech (€ 149).

Kitchenware in varied colors, crockery and cork.

Coffee table

One of our favorite pieces, by design, versatility and functionality.

Eucalyptus plywood coffee table. It measures 70 x 70 cm and 55 cm high and its price is € 129.

Stool or drum?

A mixture of both. Stool (€ 49) in solid eucalyptus wood and cowhide leather.

This piece is an example of the fusion that the collection seeks. "In every corner of Sao Paulo there were musicians playing and people dancing."

Cushion covers

Cushion covers (from € 3.99 / unit) in cotton, in 50 x 50 cm, and with varied prints. Which one do you prefer for your chair?

In the table

Renew the dishes with these geometric plates.

Dishes (€ 2.99 / unit).

Ssssshhhh ... this collection has tiles with the same prints.

Tea towels

Dishcloth (€ 4.99 / 3). Each cloth has a different print. 100% cotton. They measure 50 × 70 cm each.

Paper napkins

Paper napkins (€ 2.50 / 30 units).


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