8 Beautiful ideas to decorate the house with cactus

8 Beautiful ideas to decorate the house with cactus

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Originating in America and Africa, the cactus and crass They have conquered us with their appearance and their character. And these plants are authentic survivors with the ability to adapt to the most ungrateful climate. They have transformed their leaves into thorns to reduce the surface of evaporation, make a screen against the sun's rays, capture dew water by condensation and protect against herbivores. With round body or vertical thickening, these fighters have earned their own place in our homes.


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Do you know how to compose yours? In this one, the cactus, from Ikea, was grouped by size: the tall ones, in pots of Nordic design of colors and the low ones, in white terracotta models. The center was completed with two candles: lime green, from Ikea, and cactus-shaped, from Los Peñotes, where the pots are from.

A refreshing desert

Far from evoking the arid landscape in which these plants grow, in this hall, the wall in front of the entrance door was papered with a sea-blue-based design, which adds freshness to the environment. On this striking background stand out the simple lines of the dresser and the white pots. The sun mirror is a nod to the star that shines in the desert, and a ground cactus completes the thematic decoration. Role of the collection Anima, from Coordonné. Chest of drawers from yesterday's trades. Mirror, by Maisons du Monde. Cactus, from Ikea.

Natural or decorative?

Real plants. Its peculiar shape - did you know that its ribs or thick arms allow them to contract or expand depending on whether they lack water or drink it? - is decorative. Although we associate them with desert areas, cactus and crass need irrigation.

The frequency varies depending on the variety and the season: in summer, between 4 and 8 days; in spring and autumn, every 10 or 12; and in winter, between 30 and 40 days. The key to success is to let the land dry completely between waterings.

The deco universe. The mania cactus has chosen its different varieties as a motif for bedding, cushions, sheets, cups, plates, glasses, wallpapers, toiletry bags, phone cases or even clothes and accessories. But you will also find decorative objects that adopt their silhouette, such as led wall and floor lamps, vases, candles or stationery, for example, this photo holder, by Maisons du Monde (€ 9.99). The secret is to dose their presence to cause an attractive surprise effect.

Between books

Cactus-shaped candles capture attention just as if they were natural plants. But they also fulfill a decorative function such as paintings, bookends or lamps on some lying volumes. Pictures of wooden slats painted in pink and with white cacti, from Banak Importa. Blue led lamps, from Primark. Candles: in the pots, Los Peñotes, and fuchsia, Primark.


For a specific occasion, inside glass containers and held by ropes or strips of raffia, the cacti will be spectacular. Place a base of pebbles in each container, add the plants and hang them from the ceiling at a different height to create a sensation of movement. Fishbowl, from Espaço Casa. House jars. The crass and the stones are from Ikea.

On the sideboard

Ceramic cacti are a trend. In the market you will find designs painted in green, but also in white, copper, gold, silver ... A composition that alternates different finishes will be very decorative, but limits the still life to three pieces to better appreciate its shapes and details. Cactus, from RDiseño. Box, from Zara Home. Shibbi console.

At night

Colored glass, and with subtle lighting
-like candles or a luminous gurinalda-, the cacti will achieve a magical atmosphere. These, in green and acid yellow, are from Los Peñotes. The garland with mini cactus with light is from Primark.


The mania cactus extends to the world of decorative accessories with designs that directly take its shape. These turquoise and golden edged trays, from Primark, reproduce the rough texture of the plants. From Ikea: small cactus and table. In the background, large cactus, Los Peñotes.


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