Crazy about Disney! 10 themed bedrooms where magic is eternal

Crazy about Disney! 10 themed bedrooms where magic is eternal

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Recognize it, Disney marked your childhood, and now it's your turn ... to the kids! From the classic Mickey and Minnie, to the most modern characters like Brave. Surely they also have their favorite!

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If you always dreamed of meeting Ariel, now you can see her at all times with her beloved Eric!

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Snow White Fathead

And the seven dwarfs that will ruffle the bedroom with these decorative vinyl!

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Toy story Pinterest: Decorate A House

More than a bedroom, it could be said that it is a theme park, but whatever it is, as soon as you see the photo ... it won't stop until you get it! And we understand ...

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A very smug Minnie RoomMates Decor via Redstring

Every time you wake up in the morning, Minnie will say good morning with the sweetest of smiles!

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Brave Ebay

The most warrior princess of Disney will be in charge of guarding your little girl's bedroom ... And all thanks to this dream wallpaper!

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Babies Fathead

There is no better company for your baby ... than other babies! Especially if they are from Disney, and that beautiful!

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On the desk RoomMates Decor via Redstring

Getting to study will cease to be a nuisance with these vinyl so nice Mickey and Minnie!

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Princesses Born To Be Kids

With such a bedroom, you will not have to choose which is your favorite princess ... because they will all keep you company!

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Dalmatian Passion Fathead

If you like puppies but can't have one at home, these vinyl 101 Dalmatians They will be the best comfort.

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The couple Ethan allen

The perfect bedroom for fans of the most classic mice of the Disney factory!

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