A very current duplex on the coast

A very current duplex on the coast

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This house breaks all the schemes. Located in an urbanization of Tarragona, just five minutes from the beach, it is a Second home acquired to enjoy on vacation. However, nothing in it reminds us that we are in the typical coastal building. The furniture, with current furniture, design pieces and vintage touches, reflects the interest of its owners in the care environments. In fact, they entrusted interior design to decorator Daria Cenotto, a collaborator of the Moscow APK Studio. The proposal was tempting: a new building, divided into two floors and with large windows open to the outside.

The modern distribution of the building facilitated the decoration. The ground floor consisted of a large living room -which communicated through sliding doors with a large kitchen-, a bathroom and a single bedroom. The first floor was reserved for double bedrooms and bathrooms. Even the staircase that joins both floors, with steel tensioners
instead of railing, it offered a marked architectural design that contributed to raising the decorative level of the whole.

The breadth of the house and the natural light that entered through the windows allowed Daria Cenotto to plan a Eclectic decoration, with different style pieces that capture the attention in each environment. Like the ceiling lamps on the dining table or the geometric print dresser in the guest bedroom.

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Advertising - Keep reading below Serene atmosphere in the living room

The predominance of gray tones on the sofa, carpet and curtains creates an atmosphere of tranquility. The subtle touches of yellow, such as the side table and the cushions, brighten the room.

Sofa, chaise longue, cushions and coffee table, from Sancal. Manta, by Lucio J&M. Vase with tulips, from Bossvi. Yellow table, by Minim. Sideboard by Treku. Curtains made with a gray anthracite fabric from Güell-Lamadrid.

A large lounge for relaxation

Being a second residence, the living area was planned to enjoy free time, hence the seats were oriented towards the TV. The coffee table, with white lacquered profiles and glass envelopes, is a visually lightweight design despite its considerable size.

TV cabinet, from Treku. Lamps, by Flam & Luce. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas.

Design auxiliary furniture in the living room

The design with a central leg - whose base fits under the chaise longue or the sofa - allows the table to be brought closer to the seats. The flown envelope becomes an auxiliary surface suitable for supporting the laptop or having a coffee in a reclined position.

The television zone

To integrate the television - a large design - in the living room, next to it was placed a box with a black frame similar to that of the screen. When hung vertically, the wall was more balanced.

A reading corner in the living room

Every corner, taken advantage of ... On the step to the second floor there was a setback. Daria Cenotto took advantage of the existence of a window to organize a reading corner with an armchair and a footrest. Its color, mustard, and curtains - matching those in the living area - enhance the continuity between this corner and the living room.

The armchair and footrest are from Hamilton Conte.

Large dining room

In the dining area a large wooden table was placed with a crosshead structure instead of legs, which allows a more flexible distribution of diners.

Ceiling lamps are an iconic design by Tom Dixon, inspired by the shape of a space helmet. Table Pure Square, XVL. The chairs were purchased at Tinto Muebles and reupholstered with a Güell-Lamadrid fabric. The lamps are Tom Dixon's Mini Ball model, with a thin metallic layer inside the polycarbonate globe.

Circles and spheres stand out in the dining room decoration

In the dining area, the yellow-framed wall mirrors and the metal-suspended ceiling lamps create an original optical set of rounded shapes in two and three dimensions.

Sliding doors separate the dining room from the kitchen

From the kitchen you have a magnificent perspective of the dining room in the foreground and then of the living room. The sensation of depth and breadth extends outwards through the large windows.

Kitchen with central island

The cooking zone was located in the center of the kitchen. The countertop was extended on a table to eat daily, although its height was slightly reduced from the island to use chairs instead of stools.

Kitchen furniture made by the construction company. Chairs, by Designers Guild. Bell, from Pando.

Extra lighting in the kitchen

The sink area is illuminated with LEDs installed under the high cabinets.

The bowls were bought in Luzio.

a guest bedroom in warm tones

The wine color unifies the decoration of the guest bedroom. In different ranges, we see it in the headboard, in the frame of the painting, on the bedside table,
in the geometric design chest of drawers and the lower curtain valance.

Chest of drawers and bedside table, La Joinery. Headboard, by Tinto Muebles, upholstered with a fabric, by Güell-Lamadrid. Cushions, from Zara Home. Bedspread and curtain fabric, by Güell-Lamadrid. Lamps: ceiling, for sale in Schuller; The table model is from Aromas del Campo.

Ideas that decorate

Both the tray, with a vintage black and white photograph, and the picture with the foreground of a flower, leaned against the wall and were left in sight. Thus, the sink area gained a warmth that also moves to the office.

Master bedroom in blue and sand

In the master bedroom, the combination of lamps that provide a different type of lighting - general, the ceiling; environmental, standing; and punctually, the wall sconce- allow to adjust the light according to the needs.

The headboard and the dresser that is reflected in the moon are from Viveti. From Hamilton Conte: mirror, ceiling lamp, bench, wall lamp and bedside table. The carpet is from Francisco Cumellas.

Furniture that stand out

A design with a lot of character can be decorated, but always with details that do not steal prominence: white vases and books embellish the dresser, but in a discreet background.

The dresser

Located in a bedroom setback, it was decorated with a simple composition. The photo frame, on the left, and the vase placed on the right, exposes the picture hanging on the wall.

A bathroom to share

The bathroom was designed so that two people could use the sink area at the same time. The pair of sinks - each one with a cupboard underneath - and the wall lights on the mirror delimit the area that corresponds to each person. The towel rail, located at a higher height than usual, solves the problem of the lack of space between the sink and the wall.

House plan and decorative ideas


- The furniture in wenge finish They do not extend to the floor or ceiling. The result? The kitchen seems more clear. The white baseboard located next to the floor, in tune with the countertop, frames the low cabinets and enhances their importance.

- Bulky appliances, like the refrigerator, the oven and the microwave - both located in a column - they had different heights and widths. However, their disparate sizes were unified with a wenge structure, matching the furniture.

- The handles accentuate the horizontality, which helps to make the kitchen appear wider and, therefore, also wider.