A house to bet and win

A house to bet and win

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The decoration project of this Barcelona floor Interior designer Laura Terés was commissioned. With light tones and the warmth of the wood she created cozy environments, which also enhance the brightness of the house, renovated by the architect.

The irregular plant and the windows conditioned the distribution, but they also defined each space in a very natural way.

The walls and neutral upholstery and oak flooring They make up an elegant and warm background, which allowed the decorator to add multicolor accessories, such as cushions and carpet in the living area. As for the furniture, some live together mythical designs of the 50s and others created by the oak interior designer, who stand out for their style and functionality. In the living room, it is a desk flown with chest of drawers, or a coffee table with wide openings on two sides. And in the bedroom, some bedside tables and an exempt closet, with doors and drawers in perfect symmetry.

In the interior designer project too the kitchen and bathroom stand out, for its successful distribution and impeccable aesthetics. The first, with a work area, organized on two parallel fronts, and an office, communicates, through a glass door with two leaves, at right angles, with the living room. This, if it remains open, helps to increase the feeling of spaciousness and luminosity in the kitchen. In the bathroom, with ivory and oak tone natural stone, the washbasin cabinet faces toilet and shower, separated by partition wall.

Advertising - Keep reading below More dynamic atmosphere in the room

The multicolored cushions and the patchwork-inspired carpet acquire prominence in the living area, due to its contrast with the upholsteries, the coffee table and the platform.

Cushions: plain, from Filocolore, and with great print, from Becara. On the sofa wall, framed photo of Alexis de Vilar, acquired in Luzio. Carpet and matching cushion, from BSB. To dress large windows, the Venetian wooden, custom, are the solution.

A calm decoration

The irregular plan of the room conditioned the distribution of the environments, but also defined in a natural way each space: living and dining area. Both, decorated with toned upholstery and wood, distill serenity.

Sofas Bay, from Alivar. Coffee table, designed by interior designer Laura Terés. On it, Luzio bowls. Venetian, from Bec.

Terraced desk

In the space closest to the sliding door, access to the living room, an office area was created, with a table and chest of drawers, designed by the interior designer. Two shelves, a flexo and recessed spotlights on the ceiling make this environment more functional.

Armchair and blanket, by Luzio. Cushion, from Filocolore. White lamps, articulated Signal, by Jieldé.

Good decorative ideas

A white column, almost mimetized with the walls and the ceiling, marks the separation between the living room and the dining room. By standing next to one of the sofas, it was prevented from impeding circulation. In the foreground, table designed by interior designer Laura Terés, in lacquered iron covered with oak. Functional and open to two sides, it offers an extra storage space.

Dining room style lesson

Italian and Nordic designs harmonize in this dining room with refined lines. A suspension lamp, created by Castiglioni in 1978, illuminates the Danish table and chairs, designed by Wagner in the 1960s and 1956s.

Table CH318 and chairs CH20, from the firm Carl Hansen & Son. Lamp Frisbi, of Flos, with large diffuser. Red bowls, by Luzio.

Connected spaces

With the distribution on parallel fronts and a large door, the kitchen and office literally open to the dining room.

Appliances, from Siemens. In office, table and chairs, from Pilma; and suspension lamp Disa, designed by Juan Antonio Coderch in the 50s, edited by Tunds.

Color change in the kitchen

In the kitchen, with a rectangular floor plan and a dining room, the white one, chosen only in the lower cupboards, manages to give this front a great luminosity. In the background, separated with a partition, a built-in wardrobe of the hall.

Hood and kitchen furniture, Bulthaup.

A very personal bedroom

With oak furniture, the bedroom becomes a warmer environment. To highlight, the iron sheet that, like a second skin, wraps the bedside table, designed by the interior designer.

Table Lamp Naomifrom Carpyen Quilt, Texture. Plain cushions, from Filocolore. Plaid and printed cushion, by Luzio.

Face to face cabinets

The dressing room acquires a more exclusive air with an oak wardrobe, decorator design. With it, in addition, maximum advantage is taken of this space, difficult to distribute for its elongated floor and its two corner windows, in the background.

Chair, from Lobster's Day, in Luzio. Floor lamp TMM, from Santa & Cole. On the floor, cushions, from BSB.

Fusion in harmony in the bathroom

For the decoration of the bathroom, two natural materials were combined: the wood, in the furniture, and the bush hammered ivory stone, in the walls, with another synthetic one, the Corian, very malleable, that allows to realize in a single piece, without joints, the Countertop and sink.

Furniture, designed by Laura Terés, in oak and Corian wood. Wall taps Linkfrom Rovira.

Plane and decorative ideas

- The distribution of this house turns the kitchen into a well connected space, with two accesses: from the hall and the living room.

- Its elongated plant is very functional. It allows to equip two long walls and leave the intermediate space as a wide passage area.

- The work area and the office They have different pavements. With this change the space of each one is delimited.

- The glazed door, which communicates office and lounge, is integrated into the decoration with a Venetian. Open, its large opening makes the circulation more fluid.


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