20 key points for perfect spring cleaning

20 key points for perfect spring cleaning

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The time has come to shake off the dust of winter and let the fresh and refreshed air of spring enter our home. Plan your well Spring cleaning With this practical guide.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1. Fresh air

Nothing brings more clean feeling than freshly washed curtains. When you put them in the washing machine, choose a program with soft spin and hang them directly to dry (so you won't have to iron them).

2. Facing the wall

Check if the walls are very dirty, especially those in the passageways. If they are painted with plastic paint, vacuum them and pass them a damp cloth to remove dirt. In case a face wash is not enough, give them a coat of paint. The change will be instantaneous.

4. Transparency Law

The days begin to be brighter. Make the most of the sun's rays with clean windows (and don't forget to remove dirt from the blinds).

4. At your feet

Spring asks for lighter textiles for the house, especially in carpets. Remove the warm carpets from the floor (keeping them well so that they are kept in perfect condition) and replace them with cooler ones.

5. Skin change

Temperatures will start to rise and the comforter will no longer be as necessary. Before storing it, take it to the dry cleaner to wash it and make it look like new when the cold comes. Take the opportunity to check your sheets and get rid of those worn out and to turn the mattress around and disinfect it.

6. Comfort zone

Let's pay attention to the protagonist of the living room: the sofa. Vacuum each of its corners well (especially if it is a sofa bed), check if the upholstery has any stains and treat it with a special product and wash the covers and padding of the cushions.

7. Have a plug

Although we use them daily, sometimes we forget about plugs and switches. If you can, unscrew them, clean them well with cotton and alcohol and use a swab to reach every corner.

8. Small arrangements

Since we are inspecting our house, we are not just going to clean. It is a good time to tighten those loose screws, change the molten bulbs that we always forget, grease the hinges of the doors that squeak ...

9. Knock, knock ...

Although the doors may seem clean, if you see them backlit you will notice the finger marks they have. It is best to remove dust and clean them with a special wood product, then shine them with a soft cloth. Also consider the frame and the skirting boards (those big forgotten ones).

10. Divine light

Even if you dust them every week, it is not bad to remove the lampshades to make them a deep cleaning, especially if they are made of cloth, natural fibers or pieces of glass.

11. Renew the air

Ventilation, vents and cooker hoods accumulate more dirt than we think. Remove them and remove dust and grease with a product that is not aggressive with the metal.

12. Everything out

If we start to do a deep cleaning, we will do a deep cleaning: every decorative object and every book in our house has to be removed, shaken to remove dust and repositioned. Of course, the shelf that contains it also has to be gleaming.

13. In the lead

The headboard of our bed is a dust accumulator that usually goes unnoticed, especially if it is upholstered. Vacuum it well and wash it with love. Your health will thank you.

14. Nightmare in the kitchen

If there is a place at home that needs a thorough cleaning, it is undoubtedly the kitchen. Empty each closet, clean the shelves and doors, wash all kitchen utensils well, sort them out and discard those you have not used in the last 12 months.

15. In front and behind

The refrigerator is also an essential in thorough cleaning. Take out all the food and check the expiration date, clean the shelves and place them well. Also do not forget to remove it from the wall to clean from behind, remove dust from the grid very carefully and from the top.

16. Crystal clear

Enough of procrastination: it is time to face the showcase or the cupboard with the cups that you have not opened for a long time to avoid seeing the dust. Do not think about it and empty it as soon as possible. Once everything is out, there will be no mark back to wash the glasses, dust the shelves and realign them. Now, toast for your achievement.

17. Prepare for the Apocalypse

If one day the end of the world arrives (hopefully not), you will not only appreciate having a pantry with provisions, but also that it is clean and tidy. Take advantage of the spring to review your preserves, check that they are in good condition and well closed, remove the dust and place the oldest ones in front to consume them as soon as possible.

18. Like new

The watermarks of the bathroom and the grease of the kitchen makes the tiles lose their luster. Use a special product for these spaces and follow the instructions for use to clean them without losing their shine.

19. Soft touch

Life is too short to suffer with sandpaper towels. This spring, get rid of them and renew your bathroom with softer ones. A small change that will mean a lot in your day to day.

20. Think green

Spring is the season of plants: take care of them as they deserve. Remove the dust from the leaves, prune those that are dry and fertilize them so that they bloom and green in all their splendor.