A rural hotel in Asturias

A rural hotel in Asturias

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The proximity and incredible views over the Escapa mountain range, on the threshold of the Picos de Europa, make this old Asturian house the ideal place to welcome the most demanding travelers. Not in vain his name, Aultre Naray, It comes from the Provencal motto "I will not have another", used by the knights in medieval tournaments, in clear allusion to the love they felt for their ladies. A devotion that is also evident in the rehabilitation of this romantic hotel built in 1873 by a family of Indians from Cuba.

Its magnificent location, in the town of Peruyes, Cangas de Onís, surrounded by a leafy oak tree, caused in its owners the desire to respect the original architecture of the building. To achieve this, the careful rehabilitation paid special attention to the beautiful original elements of the house, such as the limestone portico, the staircase with wrought iron railings and the wooden beams of chestnut. Signs of identity of its origin that contrast with a contemporary, elegant and eclectic decoration, in which The current owners of the hotel have turned their passion for travel and art. Oriental silks coexist in harmony with designer armchairs, modern works of art and curious antiques. Books and music, different at every hour of the day, contribute to creating the particular atmosphere that is breathed in the interior spaces of the hotel.

As for the distribution of space, of the three floors that make up the house, the upper two were reserved for the 10 rooms, one of them with two communicated areas, especially for couples with children. On the ground floor are the common areas: entrance hall, dining room, a living room with panoramic views, a living room with bar and fireplace, etc. Another peculiarity of this hotel is its strategic location, which allows tourists to approach the area's surroundings, without making long trips by car: the lakes of Covadonga, the route of Cares, Cangas de Onís, Ribadesella, the coast of Llanes ... Everything is very close and halfway to the Aultrey Naray, so that the visitor can install the operations center in this beautiful little hotel and enjoy a pleasant stay in Asturian lands.

Address: Peruyes, Cangas de Onís (Asturias).
Phone: 985 840 808.
Fax: 985 840 848.

Advertising - Keep reading below The porch of the house, recently closed, is now an excellent viewpoint of the Escapa mountain range.

It has large windows and a very modern and cozy decoration. The sofas and armchairs upholstered with different fabrics of the firm Icíar de la Concha stand out.

After rehabilitation,

the Aultre Naray hotel continues to offer almost the same appearance of yesteryear; with its stone walls around, its red tiles, its path and, of course, its extensive and green meadows; although it hides a perfectly equipped interior.

The reception

It was located in the old hall of the house, where a semicircular arch of limestone stands out. From here the staircase that leads to the upper floor starts. It still retains the wrought iron railing and the handrail of North Pine.

A careful and wide meadow

It surrounds the entire hotel with some paved area, as a terrace, and flanked by a rustic stone wall at medium height. The perfect place to sit and enjoy the incredible landscape, its fields and the views over the town of Peruyes, located a short distance away.

Some rooms

They have a small living area attached, decorated and dressed like the room to integrate it. In this case it becomes independent by a double glazed door. Red Feathers Fabric by Icíar de la Concha.

All rooms were located on the top floor

of the building with the idea that they had the best views of the Escapa mountain range. Some of them have a small balcony.

Dining room corner,

a very cozy space with few tables, so that the guest feels at home. In the hotel they serve breakfast and dinner, made with local products: from a delicious milkshake or frixuelos to start the day, to a salad of Gamoneu cheese, fried of pixín or a scrambled cabrales.

In some of the rooms

the old roof guard made of chestnut wood was preserved and restored, although the slopes were used in the attic spaces to include a roof window. The beds were dressed with the Blue Feathers model fabric from the firm Icíar de la Concha.

Comfort and rest

of the guests is one of the maxims of the hotel. Therefore, some of its rooms have charming corners, always very well lit, where you can relax after a busy day of excursion or just where to enjoy a good book. All fabrics are from Icíar de la Concha.

The bathrooms

white tiles and terracotta paint alternate on the walls. A good option to enhance natural light and protect the wall from splashes. The toilets were also chosen white.

To reach the hotel

From Oviedo, the most direct way is to take the N-634 towards Santander and turn off at km 335 which leads to the town of Peruyes located 1 km away. The hotel is located at the entrance of the town on the left.


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