A family apartment in the center of Gijón

A family apartment in the center of Gijón

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Marga's house is a 100 square meter alqiuler apartment, located in the center of Gijón. Our reader has shared some photographs of her apartment, which belongs to a building with history, from the early twentieth century, completely remodeled inside but with the same facade with which it was built.

Advertising - Keep reading below The living room with a panoramic window

The living room receives the light of a viewpoint window on the main facade.

The dinner room

The living area of ​​the house shares space with the dining room.

Work area in the lounge

In a corner of the room, next to the window, a work area has been created.

Outdoor balcony

A cozy space in which to drink an outdoor cafe.

The kitchen

Rectangular and very bright. The furniture is distributed in a linear front and has a table of office.

The hall

An atmosphere that welcomes the house. It has been decorated with a console.

A comfortable and wide welcome The main room

With warm touches in red.

Youth room

With train type beds in height.

With study area and warehouse space The desk under the window Study area for two

In this bedroom the blues of the walls animate the neutral furniture in white.

Detail of the bedroom work area


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