The list of gifts to have a house to the last

The list of gifts to have a house to the last

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When it comes to modern design the imagination is able to create a lip-shaped sofa, a heel shoe which is actually an armchair, or a Roman capital to sit comfortably... you don't believe it? Then take a look at our gift proposal and go out to conquer your friend more hipster, because this Christmas you will have it in the boat!

Advertising - Keep reading under An armchair with trick

It does not seem so, but the cushion is removable! Be that as it may, this armchair is perfect to add a little sweetness to the home.

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A leather jacket…

Ahead is clear, right? A Moschino leather jacket ...

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Or a closet?

And behind ... A closet! Ideal to set up a homemade bar of the most chic.

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Kiss Me a lot

Three colors and three different styles: classic, pinky and gothic It's up to you!

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King size shoes

If you have a friend with Carrie Bradshaw complex, what are you waiting for? The left foot is an armchair, and the right one is a bookcase!

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Greece at home

Why travel to Greece to visit the Parthenon in Athens when you can enjoy it at home? And so comfortably ...

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This mirror does not give bad luck

Although it seems to be broken, we promise you that it is only an optical effect.

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A red cactus

To give a little glamor to the room is not bad, right?

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The beauty of the curves

Round and golden, a style chair art deco It will be beautiful in any room.

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For fans of the marine world, mirrors inspired by anemones perfect for the wall of the hall or the living room.

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You better choose where to place it, because if you look at it too long it hypnotizes you!

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Glam boats

You will agree with us that these boats are not for storage in the closet ...

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In feminine code

The perfect gift for a whole lady!

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An Italian sideboard

Elegant and modern, the star piece of any room.

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A very deco belt

Yes, as you read it, the belt you see on the shelf is a decorative object made of bronze and leather. How do you stay?

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