A white and radiant floor

A white and radiant floor

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After a comprehensive reform, this Central Madrid apartment -of 90 m2- It can boast today of being very bright and having a practical distribution.

The Ivory Escapes company and the execution, C & C Construcciones, were in charge of the project and decoration, with Begoña Espinosa in front. The fruit of this collaboration is a modern and sophisticated interior design, perfect for the activity to which Ivory Escapes is dedicated; the rental of flats for short stays in Madrid.

Of the original distribution, with a corridor that gave way to small rooms on both sides of it, there is nothing left; The structure of the house was reinforced to unify rooms and achieve wider spaces. The new living room, with 40 m2 and three balconies facing the street, became the center of the house by incorporating the kitchen and dining room. With the windows restored and the walls blank, the contrast with the dark floor emphasizes such clarity. With the reform, in addition, two bedrooms and two bathrooms were created.

In one of the rooms the rest area shares space with the bathroom. The circulation between them is very fluid, since there are no doors, but a central partition that divides the room and was designed to make the surface profitable. Towards the bed it has a niche that is used as a bedside table and towards the bathroom, it houses a built-in wardrobe.

When lifting this partition, the difficulty of achieving an optimal distribution, conditioned by two windows, was successfully overcome. At the same time, the room follows the tendency of placing the closet outside the rest area, to create a dressing room of greater or lesser capacity, and to place the washbasin front near the bed, as a dressing table. The decoration of the bedroom bets on the white that characterizes the rest of the house, with pink and green brushstrokes on the bedding to create a warmer atmosphere.

In the bathroom, a black tiled wall breaks the chromatic unit with the aim of highlighting the presence of a classic style free bathtub.

Advertising - Keep reading below Diaphanous and bright room

The living room, which became the central axis of the house after the renovation, was designed as a multifunctional space, with three environments: living area, dining room and kitchen. Decorated with a modern style, they acquire a warmer air with wooden furniture and some classic design. Sofa, Ascension Latorre. Coffee tables and auxiliary, designed by C & C. Table lamp, transparent, and wooden bench, from Batavia. Spotlights and lighting project, by Teknica. Stage, by Schotten & Hansen.

Salon Distribution

Symmetry in decoration conveys a sense of order; This environment is also more dynamic due to its mix of styles. Cushions, blanket on the sofa and gray and red poufs, from Los Peñotes.

Seating area: optical effect

A large mirror with a black frame, which forms a grid, becomes the focal point of the room. Due to its exclusivity, it revalued the decoration, and at the same time, it is a key element to create a feeling of greater visual depth. Mirror designed by Ivory Escapes. Classic armchairs, acquired in La Europea and reupholstered with a Pepe Peñalver fabric.

Lucky mix

The contrast of textures in the living area was a success. The natural wood on the bench next to the balcony, the lacquer on the coffee table and the skin of the carpet create an eclectic composition with a great visual impact. Bank of Batavia. Coffee table * designed by C&C Construcciones. Leather carpet, acquired in El Valenciano, in El Rastro de Madrid. Lamp stand, Los Peñotes.

Style lesson

The complements of tables and auxiliary furniture * enrich the decoration of the environments. Glass vases, mini plants, candles, a tableware with soft waves, even large chess pieces, harmonize with its simplicity and elegance.

On console

Glass vases, from Ikea and Habitat. Bell, mini plants, chess pieces and crockery, from Los Peñotes. Candles, from Cerabella.

Kitchen open to the living room

The tempered glass wall and the extractor hood, with a design that simulates that of a ceiling lamp, turn the kitchen into a sophisticated environment.

Dining room in tune

The traditional carpentry on the balconies and the large-format platform make up an authentic, retro-air stage, perfect for Tulip chairs, a design classic, to be the protagonists in the dining room. The steel and glass table shows that the fusion of styles is very seductive. Glass and steel table, from Ikea. Chairs Tulip, from El Transformista. Individual and thread napkins, from Pomax. Crockery and glass, from Los Peñotes. In the background, the wooden shelf * adds the chromatic counterpoint.

Shelving at the bottom of the dining room

On the wooden shelf, Los Peñotes, VTV box.

Blank kitchen

Furnished in white and with paneled appliances, its fusion with the dining room was easy. Bell, from Elica, in stainless steel. Kitchen furniture, from Ikea. Silestone Zeus sink and white countertop.

In the bedroom work headboard

A partition optimizes the space in the bedroom by creating two environments: rest area and bathroom. It is also a functional design, since on one side it acts as a headboard, and includes a very useful niche as a bedside table; and on the other, it houses a built-in closet. Bedding, from Zara Home. Pink and green cushions, from Laetitia's Antwerp.

Exquisite dressing table

In front of one of the bedroom's windows was a washbasin front, designed as a cute white dressing table. It consists of a small square sink, supported on a console, and a built-in faucet in the mirror. Washbasin, by Valadares. Griffin, by Steinberg. Embroidered towel, from Laetitia's Antwerp. Lamp, from the Olofane almoneda. Quilt, Texture.

A bathroom with a lot of charm

The retro aesthetic turns the bathroom into a personal and intimate environment. The protagonist is an exempt bathtub, with silver claws, whose silhouette is drawn on the black wall. A wooden mirror and a bedside table with marble top are pieces with a past that bring style and warmth to the bathroom. To the right, separated by a translucent glass door, the toilet is hidden. Bathtub, by Valadares. Taps from Steinberg. Wooden tray, from Ikea.

Details in the bathroom

On the table, towels and jars, Texture. Towel with greca, from Laetitia's Antwerp. Porcelain, by Discesur.


This apartment is located in Travesía de Belén, in Madrid. Ivory Escapes rents it for short stays. More information on 662 179 192 and on its website:


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