Did you know that Diane Keaton has designed her own house?

Did you know that Diane Keaton has designed her own house?

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For several decades, Diane Keaton has been enjoying one of her greatest passions, and no, we are not referring to her career as an actress, but to decoration.

In the latest issue of the magazine Wine Spectator, Diane Keaton offered readers a tour for her rustic-style house in Los Angeles, renovated and designed by herself about three and a half years ago, while being the plot of her new book, The House That Pinterest Built, inspired, of course, on Pinterest, since he used the social network during construction and the design process to gather, organize and illustrate his ideas.

There is nothing more to take a little look to realize Diane's great talent, with interiors where antiques, walls and exposed brick floors, wooden beams, and even French shower doors in black color stand out.

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Advertising - Keep reading below Diane Keaton

Actress, designer, decorator… Diane Keaton is simply an off-road woman.

Photo: Jesse Stone

The House That Pinterest Built

If you are passionate about Pinterest and decoration, this is your book!

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The kitchen of your dreams

A skylight, exposed beams, a huge island ... is it or is not the kitchen of your dreams?

Photo: Lisa Romerein and Rizzoli

Bricks everywhere

The access to the dining room is perfectly delimited by the materials of the floor and the walls.

Photo: Lisa Romerein and Rizzoli

A French bath

The French shower doors in black add a touch of glamor to the rustic airs of the bathroom.

Photo: Lisa Romerein and Rizzoli

A comfortable exterior

As much as the interior, and with fireplace included!

Photo: Lisa Romerein and Rizzoli

Open areas

There is nothing like breathing fresh air from inside the home!

Photo: Lisa Romerein and Rizzoli


Space and more space, a house where the feeling of freedom is breathed in every corner.

Photo: Lisa Romerein and Rizzoli

Via: House Beautiful US


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