The spectacular house of Bruce Willis on Sun Valley Ski

The spectacular house of Bruce Willis on Sun Valley Ski

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Bruce Willis has something else to celebrate in 2018: the sale of his house in Idaho that he has been selling since 2011. The actor bought this house in 2003 and in the last 15 years he has renovated the main house and added a guest house , a gym, streams and ponds.

The actor owns numerous houses like many of the Hollywood actors, but he takes the cake. It has several houses in Los Angeles, more in Idaho, apartments in Manhattan and the most recent, a mansion in Bedford, New York.

This "cabin" has more than 8 hectares in Flying Heart Lake, a completely private complex surrounded by forests, ponds and streams. The house has 780 square meters, six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, heated terraces, balconies and a beautiful entrance. In addition to the spectacular kitchen, the main suite with more than 200 square meters, fireplace and seating area with hydromassage bathtub, granite steam shower and a large dressing room attracts attention. The garden has a heated pool with waterfalls and slides. But the best thing is that the house is just minutes away from ski slopes, hiking trails, cycling areas, venues with live music and theaters.

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