A 15m2 all-inclusive Paris loft

A 15m2 all-inclusive Paris loft

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A simple gesture manages to completely transform this minibuhardilla located in the ninth district of Paris. Only by sliding a structure or unfolding a table, the same space becomes a living room, dining room or bedroom by work and grace of the custom wood designs of the Batiik studio. Raising the kitchen a few centimeters allowed to place a mattress under it that can be completely removed to use as a bed or even to create a sofa. When it is hidden, just by deploying two supports and a table, we have a dining room for four people. But custom designs have not only served to give flexibility to this floor, but also to make the most of it thanks to the storage that occupies the lowest part of the roof slope, to a corner cabinet that serves as a dressing room, to a desk that converts a corner in a work area and a small shelf that acts as an entrance sideboard.

In the common space predominates white and light wood tone, giving luminosity. Some of the pieces of furniture have been perforated to give them lightness, allow the light to run freely and visually discharge the space. A blue night tone defines the only closed space in the house, the bathroom, to give the effect of intimacy. A perfect example of what miracles custom designs and a good choice of colors can do in a minimum space.


Photos: Bertrand Fompeyrine

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The 15 square meters of this Parisian attic have been maximized thanks to a reform of the Batiik studio.


A hidden structure under the kitchen allows to deploy a mattress.

White and light

To make the spaces more spacious and bright, the studio opted for white and light wood furniture and drilled them to let the light through.


The custom furniture also allowed to take advantage of the slope of the attic.

Light step

We sought to maximize the light of the three windows.

Set the table

The separator between the bedroom-living room and the kitchen becomes a dining room bar for four people.

Seen and unseen

Two supports and a folding shelf make up this bar.

Table for four

Two high and two low stools finish completing the dining room.

Dining room detail Between cottons

The space arranged as a lounge.

Know how to take advantage

Detail of the kitchen cabinets embedded in the little space available.

Dressing room

A ceiling-to-floor closet makes the most of a corner and a bar adapted to the slope acts as an entry sideboard.

Work zone

A custom desk has created a study area in a corner of the house.

Blue Night

It is the tone chosen to paint the box that hides the bathroom. The low table that distributes the space is also of this color to serve as a transition.

Bathroom view Custom bathroom

The designs here also adapt to the irregularity of the walls.