The loft of a designer and artist in Barcelona

The loft of a designer and artist in Barcelona

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In the Barcelona neighborhood of Els Indians, just behind Maragall Square, the interior designer and painter Àngels Hidalgo found in a building of industrial past what for several years she was looking for: a large and bright apartment in which to establish her home and study . "The sale of the space was with the reform included, but with the possibility of doing the custom project," he explains and adds "I thought that before me my great opportunity was presented: a spacious and bright space, economically affordable, very well connected, with elevator ... "

The house is divided into a large open space shared by the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, the design studio and its artist's studio, with a sink area to wash the brushes. In a corner, next to the access door, a glass cube contains the bedroom, keeping the concept open, but giving it privacy and, in front, we find the bathroom door. "For this space of activities, three tables were designed to combine all the finishes and remain integrated, giving each one a function: eat, paint and work, independently and uniformly," he says. After passing through a hall where we see the staircase of the building and the elevator (for private use for housing), some steps lead us to the second bedroom with bathroom, also delimited by a glass enclosure.

Advertising - Keep reading below A good find

Àngels Hidalgo, interior designer and painter, had been looking for a floor for years where he could place his home and study until it crossed his path.

Perfect for her

The house was located in Els Indians, the neighborhood in which she usually moves, and the previous owner sold it with the reform included.

Divide and conquer

Àngels left the space open and distributed it with the help of the pieces of furniture.

Open minded

The main space is shared by the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the work area.

Key piece

The kitchen island defines the space while keeping the concept open.

The light was made

"The pavement of the whole house is floating parquet. The lights play with the volumes of furniture and other elements of the work, making it very functional and personal," he explains.

To share is to live

View of the common space from the bedroom, with glass wall.

Game tables

The interior designer has designed several tables, each for a function. In the picture, the dining room.

Work zone

The study table in which Àngels designs.

Painting studio

In the space intended for painting, the interior designer included a sink to clean the brushes.


Entrance to the master bedroom.


A sliding door lacquered in red gives access to the bedroom.

Nothing to hide

The bedroom was closed with glass to give privacy while maintaining the open space.

Start on the right foot

At the entrance, we find a bathroom, a closet and the bedroom door. In the background, the main space.

Bathroom Full equipped

The same room seen from another angle.

Raise the level

The house is divided by a hall.

Step by step

View of the hall. The elevator arrives here and is for private use. Some stairs give access to the second bedroom.

Transparence law

The bedroom was closed with glass to allow the passage of light.

Guest room

View of the second bedroom.


View of the floor plan after the reform.


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