A lime and gray Nordic floor

A lime and gray Nordic floor

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The complex distribution offered by this Murcia city apartment It has little to do with the sophisticated and well thought out interior design that looks today. An excellent work of the Swedish House studio, which opted for a comprehensive reform agreed, of course, with the young couple that inhabits it. A complete reorganization of the spaces was the starting point for the new house: the living room was cleared and the old bedroom was transformed into a kitchen. Now the common areas share an extensive space surrounded by terraces which joins or separates at will by means of an iron and glass enclosure.

After the reform, they also take on a special role structural elements of housing. From the cladding of all floors, with a false hydraulic tile, to the double plinth painted in two tones that gives personality every inch of the house. Draw attention the refreshing lime color chosen for the upper wall base and ceilings; a decorative resource of first line that arose when discovering, during the works, that the ceiling hid almost a meter more of height. The combination with the rough gray wall finish is spectacular.

The choice of furniture and textiles in each space was key to achieving the overall decorative concept of the house, which pursued a perfect integration. Thus, we can talk about the almost unique presence of gray, white and yellow in textiles and household clothes, and of natural woods in furniture as an essential note to heat the rooms. From there it is the complements, ornaments and sheets responsible for personalizing everything effectively resulting in young, dynamic environments and, above all, comfortable and attractive.

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The coexistence of Nordic design furniture with textiles and sheets of striking prints and colors brings nuances to the spaces.

Sofas Kivik, showcase, ceiling lamp collection Stockholm, flexo and sheets; Everything from Ikea. Coffee table, Apartment 113. Cushions: raffia, weaving and silk, for sale at Zara Home.

Fauna and flora inspire the deco room

XXL format prints with illustrations of insects and plants decorate the walls of the room without the need to invest in high-end works of art. A fantastic and affordable option for all rooms in the house.

Pass zone

Some elements of the structure and certain well-distributed furniture define the separation between environments without the need for partitions. The living area and the corridor, for example, are delimited thanks to a painted pillar and a beautiful wooden console.

Console equipped with a basket of bicolor raffia and decorated with pots. Everything, for sale in Ikea.

A decoration with plants

Including some seedlings in the decoration is a safe bet; they cool, brighten and oxygenate the spaces. With some pots according to your style will be integrated in a thousand wonders.

The hall

Hanging lamps, from Ikea. Model sheet Concord acquired at Westing Home & Living. On these lines, wooden dining table
and ceiling balloon lamp; both of Ikea.

An industrial look hall

At the entrance you bet on the style vintage with a peculiar iron bench and a cute coat hanger made by the owner with a metal plate.

Metallic bank acquired in Coat rack made with a plate acquired in A Loja do Gato Preto.

Positive messages

Of course, attitude matters a lot; At home it is nice to create a friendly environment that reminds us at all times of the good things in life: All you need is love.

A kitchen in gray with wooden furniture

One of the keys to the reform was the fusion of the common areas and the installation of a large metal and glass door that makes the kitchen independent only when desired. A perfect solution to avoid the exit of smoke without reducing brightness.

Kitchen island furniture model Method, from Ikea. Plate, by Allposters.

The old kitchenware is taken

Take advantage of the pull and rescue that beautiful porcelain coffee set or those boats that your grandmother kept, a very fashionable retro note. Boats, from A Loja Do Gato Preto.

A square kitchen

The new kitchen location resulted in a large and easy to distribute space. Its regular floor plan allowed to place the furniture attached to the walls and to alternate them with the appliances. In the center, the island expands the work area.

Model furniture Method, appliances, lamps and accessories. Everything from Ikea.

Important details

The aged appearance of walls, furniture and retro air accessories or elements
as the wrought iron and glass enclosure of the kitchen result in an attractive interior design
with seal factory, a style that is a trend today.

In the dining room

With the aim of freeing the passage to the terrace, the dining table was attached to the wall, although being equipped with wheels its transfer when there are guests in quick and easy.

Model table Bjursta and curtains, from Ikea. The wall is decorated with sheets of Juliet without Romeo and a red clock from Casa. Green and white table runner from Zara Home.

Bright ideas

As those of this toilet are those that mark style. In such small spaces, it makes the meters profitable by hitting a mirror on the inside of the window. A perfect solution! Washbasin, by Ikea. Picture, by Pipo & Asttuto.

The guest room

The beauty of the floors, walls and ceilings induces minimalism in this bedroom. Here, the window on the bed itself acts as a headboard and even a shelf for books and ornaments.

Cushions, bedspread and bedding, Zara Home. Small sheets next to the bed of Depeapa and Lyona.

The master bedroom: Private space

Thanks to the installation of a sliding door, the master bedroom enjoys more slack inside. Thus it was possible to locate
the bed somewhat closer to the entrance door without obstructing the passage.

Bedside table and flexo, by Ikea. Quadrants, cushions, blanket and bedding, from Zara Home.

A personal deco in the bedroom

Personal and make each space yours. A good example of how to get it is in the master bedroom, chaired by a curious headboard of planks designed and painted by the owner of the house with geometric patterns in the predominant tones.

And bath, yellow too

The originality of the main bathroom lies in the extension of the floor tiles by one of the walls. An excellent idea that also serves to delimit the toilets.

Tiles inspired by the old hydraulic tiles, from Vives. Ikea washbasin cabinet with iron structure, oval mirrors and lamp. Towels, from Zara Home.

House plan and reform ideas

- Coatings so striking housing define the decoration from beginning to end. To highlight, first, the lemon lime paint applied on a top wall and ceiling socket.
- This same color It enhances the originality in both the main bathroom and the toilet, with partial presence in both spaces.
- The gray contrast and soften this tone so alive; they were chosen for the false hydraulic of the pavement and for the walls, with a base in a more intense finish and with resin texture in the rest.


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