Wardrobes ... Nothing to hide

Wardrobes ... Nothing to hide

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Courtesy Leroy Merlin

Organize well and you will win!

Keys to success. Take everything out of the closet, clean and select what you really need. Separate by groups: short or long sleeve shirts; plain or patterned; casual pants, dress up… The more divisions you make, the easier it is for you to keep, find and maintain order.

Courtesy Leroy Merlin

Effective distribution. Leave the clothes and accessories that you use the most at your fingertips. If you are going to put several bars to hang short clothes, place the shirts and jackets on the top, and on the bottom, the pants and skirts. Use equal hangers and save by colors, from lighter to darker. Bet on doubling, you will save space. You can do it vertically, putting a garment next to another. If you do it horizontally, remember that the distance between the shelves does not exceed 30 cm, it will be easier to catch and avoid stacking a lot.

Perfect planning

The order key is to make the most of the space you have. The custom furniture firm Schmidt helps you plan and design your interior according to your needs, making it a practical and ergonomic site. The bars They are basic. If they are at the top, let them be swingarms,This way you will take the clothes without any effort. Another indispensable accessory is the panties, composed of removable bars that facilitate the placement and choice of these garments. put shelves and a Shoemaker, that allows you to quickly choose what you want.

All custom

Courtesy Leroy Merlin

It is important to have space for long clothes Y short; destined 170 cm and 110 cm respectively. Try to make the clothes loose and fasten a button so that they do not fall or crumple. In the upper part put out of season or what you do not use. Take advantage of the gaps to put boxes. Give a shelf to handbags. The rigid ones put them in bags with papers inside so that they do not deform. The grid baskets They are very useful, you will locate everything quickly and you will know what you have.

Add-ons on your site


We do not usually remember them until they begin to accumulate inside. The drawers With separators, fixed or mobile and with glass front, they are perfect. Store underwear, vertical socks and rolled belts; They won't mix and you'll see them at first sight. Have the glasses and jewelry at hand, with a panel Removable, like this one from Ikea. Ties and scarves put them on hangers multipurpose, they will be in perfect condition.