10 bathrooms that show size doesn't matter

10 bathrooms that show size doesn't matter

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If in the end, why do you want such a large bathroom? It takes a lot to warm up, and on top of that, you have to clean more ... With how beautiful and stylish they are when they are small and "get by"!

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The straight and polished lines give it a clear air, and the choice of colors is perfect to achieve a simple and very flirtatious elegance!

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If you have a hall-style bathroom, natural light will make it look bigger.

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As you can see, size and style are not at odds ... On the contrary! They get along great ...

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All or nothing

With bath ... and shower! Why not? The thing is to squeeze the space to the fullest ...

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A wall to the last

If the size is small, choose a wall of striking mosaics and you will notice the change ... it's a pleasure!

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The French shower doors are beautiful whether you have a large or small bathroom ... Do not you think?

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If you want to lose the attention of the size… a pastel pink bath with natural light is ideal to achieve it.

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Glazed enclosure

Do you have the bathroom attached to the bedroom? Separate it with a glazed enclosure and it will be the most chic.

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In order

Take advantage of all the gaps to get extra storage, like these shelves strategically located in the corner.

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With such a combination of floor and wall, we are sure that the size will be the last thing to be fixed ...

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