10 very healthy snacks to enjoy at work

10 very healthy snacks to enjoy at work

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If you take some light cheese and an apple, you will be eating about 5 grams of fiber and between 5 and 8 of protein for each piece of cheese. Of course, the best fruit if it is fresh!

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Cereal bars

The bars are a great alternative, as long as you choose well! Choose those whose main ingredient is natural (such as fruit, nuts or even eggs), and that have the least amount of sugar possible. In addition, the ideal range is between 150 and 250 calories, and not exceed 200 milligrams of sodium or 3 grams of saturated fat.

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Nuts and legumes are having more than deserved success, and that is that snacks that include this type of seeds will provide you with proteins, fiber, antioxidants and minerals, ideal for keeping the immune system in conditions and long-term iron health.

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Ideal for breakfast, hemp, flax and chia seeds are delicious with skimmed Greek yogurt or even low-fat cheese. In addition, they will provide you with omega-3 and antioxidants!

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Soda water

The sparkling water, with or without flavors, is perfect to avoid consuming other sweetened beverages (such as juices, tea or coffee with sugar) while keeping the body hydrated.

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Peanut butter

Peanut butter provides 8 grams of protein in just two tablespoons, plus fiber and healthy fats, and makes everything (from toast to chopped fruit) taste better.

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Popcorn is great for satisfying the need to eat something crunchy, and they are lower in calories than others snacks. To increase its flavor, you can add chili powder, sea salt or garlic powder.

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Avocados are the perfect ingredient for a healthy and nutritious salad, although you can also eat them in slices, since a small one only contains 220 calories, 9 grams of fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. Very complete!

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Hot sauce

The spicy sauce with vegetables, noodles, avocado toast or eggs, will make you eat more slowly, helping you better control satiety. In addition, you will limit the amount of sodium and enhance the flavor without adding more salt.

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Frozen supermarket

The frozen ones (like the muffins vegetables) or vegetable stews are two very nutritious options that you can find in the supermarket.

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