A house decorated with full color accessories

A house decorated with full color accessories

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When the Studio BMK team took over the decoration of this floor, their first reaction was enthusiasm. Both the living room and the master bedroom had direct access to a terrace that covered the entire floor, and through the windows and the glazed doors through which he went outside, plenty of natural light entered. In addition, the distribution, with a large central open space, allowed to organize a large and comfortable common area. Finally, being an attic, the house had a gable roof, with exposed beams of wood and attic areas that allowed to play with the volumes. A perfect base to plan a charming interior design.

The BMK Studio worked on a neutral basis - with blank walls, ceilings and carpentry - and printed character to the environments through color complements. The central space, with a rectangular floor, was reserved for the living room. The living area was furnished with two facing sofas, so that during the gatherings you enjoy the views regardless of where you took a seat.

The choice of furniture was key when decorating each room. Furniture nordic style They coexist with emblematic pieces of the design. The complements play an essential role: glass spheres, ceramic stools or lamps with golden feet and black screens complete a very personal interior design. Special mention deserve the textiles. Carpets, cushions, bedding and even the headboard of the master bedroom are characterized by prints in which a pattern is repeated; rhombuses, zigzag lines, spikes and geometric motifs they are repeated among bright colors and become fundamental elements to give dynamism to the decoration.

But it is in the bathroom where the domain of volumes is best appreciated. The cistern, recessed, ends on a small ledge. Next to it, the washbasin cabinet is embedded in the wall and reaches the end of the wall, so that only half stands out; Thus, the space seems clearer.

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Advertising - Keep reading under Wooden sideboard and coffee table

Through the living room you access the bedrooms. Hence, their furniture will be distributed so as to facilitate fluid circulation. Sideboard and coffee table, by Maisons du Monde. Sofas and carpet, from El Corte Inglés. From Anmoder: lamps with the golden foot; stone prisms; stamped plate with dog and candlesticks on the console behind the sofa. Flower arrangements, by Jacaranda Flor Design. The king size photograph of the ferris wheel is from Yellowcorner.

Chairs with grid backrest

Beams seen on the ceiling, sofas, curtains, even the closet fronts at the back of the room ... Each white element reflects the light that enters through the windows. Chairs Diamondby Harry Bertoia, produced by Knoll. Above them, Gancedo cookies. Cushions on the sofa, Zara Home. On the coffee table, glass spheres with wooden base and blue box, from Anmoder.

Wall mirror

In an environment where white predominates, the intense colors of the carpet and the cushions capture the looks and energize the decoration. Wall mirror, by Maisons du Monde.

Exposed beams

But here are chairs? The advantage of the models with the grid backrest, is that they do not interrupt the perspective of what is placed behind them. It can be a dining area, or as in this case, a terrace with pleasant views. The result? The atmosphere will seem wider

Acapulco chair

Outside, chair Acapulco and ceramic stool, from El Corte Inglés. Carpet and carrycot, from Bharat 79. Spiral pruned hedges and plants, from Jacaranda
Flower Design

Table paths

Table paths and fountain with apples, from Zara Home. Under plates, crockery and glassware, from El Almacén de Loza. Anmoder pink glass vases on the floor, next to the sofa.

Pictures of Javier Ayuso

View of Javier Ayuso's paintings, leaning against the wall.

Crystal spheres

Collections, what a success! Crystal spheres, conch shells, little boxes ... Those details for which you feel passion can be very decorative. If you group them with different heights, you will have an attractive still life.

Old wooden table

The key piece of the dining room is an old wooden table, in natural finish. The beauty of its lines is enhanced by sharing space with the chairs, inspired by the model Tulip, by Eero Saarinen, an icon of industrial design of the twentieth century.
Chairs and lamp, in SuperStudio. Carpet, from El Corte Inglés. On the table, the pink jug
It's from Zara Home.

Under plates

No tablecloth When the table has a colorful design, or a finish that is worth showing off, an option is to dress it with textile paths. Place the dishes on a low plate that contrasts with the utensils; This way your designs will be better appreciated.

Steel appliances

Located at the entrance of the house, the kitchen was left open. It can be accessed directly from the hall, or through a leafless bay that communicates with the living room. Tray, from Bharat 79. Inside, utensils, from The Warehouse of Earthenware. The floral arrangements are from Jacaranda Flor Design.

Orange stools

Amid the sensation of neatness that white furniture and steel appliances convey, orange stools are a casual wink that warms the environment.
Kitchen furniture, from Nolte Home Studio Európolis. Stools, by Maisons du Monde.

Wooden tray

The detail. This wooden tray is painted in turquoise, in tune with the kitchen wall, in an aged finish. Inside, dishes in the same range and a bowl with fresh fruit form a corner with interest.

Custom headboard

Headboard upholstered and custom made, Decolab. Quilt made with a fabric of Gastón and Daniela.

Orange lamp

The BMK Studio team combined pieces of different style to achieve a bedroom with character. The key to success? Unify the colors. The orange lamp harmonizes with the headboard, and the cushions - smooth and with ikat fabrics -, with the blue plaid.
Lamp, by Decolab. Cojnes, from Zara Home. The nightstand that serves as a bedside table is from El Corte Inglés.

Double light input

Double light input. The integrated bathroom guarantees private use but, in addition, it is enough to leave the door open so that its windows provide a second source of natural light to the bedroom.

Ceramic sanitary ware

Good lighting and heat are two essential elements in the bathroom. The first was achieved thanks to the window, the screen, which allows natural light to pass through it, and the mirror, which multiplies it throughout the environment. The heat was guaranteed with the radiator towel rail: a solution that, when installed at a certain height, releases a very useful space. Furniture and sanitary ware, Ceramic Decoration. Towels, from El Corte Inglés.
Carpet, by Bharat 79. Artificial flowers, by Jacaranda Flor Design.

Blue stool

The master bedroom includes bathroom and dressing room. The latter was located in the area where the gable roof has less height. To take advantage of it, custom shelves were made, which adapt to the inclination of the roof. Blue stool, from El Corte Inglés.

Bags and hats

Point of order. Optimize the storage capacity with shelves that fit the height of what you will store in them. Bags and hats need more space, while if you stack too many shirts, the ones below will always end up wrinkled.

House plan

Dining room, living room and closet area - a floor to ceiling front with white doors that merge with the wall - follow each other without walls or furniture interrupting the feeling of depth.


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