A familiar and modern apartment

A familiar and modern apartment

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The reform of this apartment focused on the conceptual renovation of housing, with the aim of leaving behind the old vision and giving up its position to a modern structure that makes equal use of light and space. A bet of architect Pablo Serrano and the interior designer Blanca Elorduy. The main guidelines that achieved such a change began by enabling the fusion of certain spaces, according to the moment, by eliminating some doors and replacing others with sliding ones.

The presence of broken white on all walls and ceilings guarantees the attractive reflection of the natural light that, after the works, enters generously in the common areas through two viewpoints. In contrast, an elegant oak flooring aged in natural finish and an original panel of the same wood that delimits the gathering area are heated. The other warm spot that deserves a highlight are the windows, with wooden profiles, in the image of the originals.

The new distribution of the house, much more rational, presents a very well designed kitchen, which now integrates the old service room, a toilet and the laundry room in the same space. The views from the work island - which also serves as a daily dining room - are impressive. The three bedrooms, meanwhile, present a perfect functional and very comfortable decoration at the same time, dotted with curious personal notes that define them with their own stamp.

Advertising - Read on below A lasting decoration

With the idea of ​​prolonging the decoration over time, furniture of straight lines and neutral colors were chosen, allocating all the colors to the complements.
Sofas and armchairs, from Ego. Cushions, by Lu Ink. The coffee table was custom made.

Large windows in the dining room

Two large glazed viewpoints connect the ends of the room with its constant light input. It is a privilege, in addition, to contemplate the beautiful views they offer of the city. The dining room, installed next to one of them, stands out for its design furniture.
Mesa, by Pilma. Chairs by Arper. Ceiling lamp, by Ingo Maurer. Armchair, from Habitat.

A bright reading corner

The interior carpentry of the house reinforces the design of the project with models according to the environment. Here, for example, we wanted to recover the charm of the old wooden windows with new ones of identical finish.

Salon textiles

If, as in this case, we have timeless basic pieces and neutral upholstery, it will be the complements that define each season. Looking to winter, very soft blankets and fluffy cushions will be responsible for heating the environment.

Maintain order in the classroom

A correct organization in the living area will show the room much clearer and more harmonious.
Therefore, the choice of furniture with storage capacity always gives such a good result.
Carpet of Gandía Blasco.

The warmth of the wood on the wall

One of the panels of the room was dressed like the floor, as a decorative center point. A success that breaks with the predominance of white and visually delimits the living area.
Side table next to the sofa, by Maisons du Monde. Above it, flexo Tolomeo model, Artemide.

Details as conductive thread

As if we were trying to tell a story, the decoration of a space needs points in common to connect the environments. Why not through the add-ons?
The accessories are from Lu Ink and Antique Boutique.

A blank dining room

The choice of the dining room in white and steel has a lot to do with its integration into the adjoining kitchen. A current bet, which effectively connects the work area with being.
Dining table, Pilma and chairs, Arper.

Large kitchen with island and breakfast bar

After the reform, the new dimensions of the kitchen made it possible to have a sophisticated cooking and storage area and an island that works as a daily work and dining area at the same time.
Kitchen furniture by Santos. Appliances, Siemens.

Kitchen with views

Natural light is also essential in the kitchen; Already in the morning receiving clarity while having breakfast lifts your spirits. If you have the possibility, locate the office near the window and dispense with curtains.

A warm white and wood bedroom

Broken white predominates in the walls, furniture and textiles of the bedroom, hence the recourse to betting on the wood in the window, the floor and the headboard wall is so comfortable.
Bedding, Filocolore and Texture. Apply Tolomeo model, from Artemide. Picture, by Pablo Serrano.

Bedroom furniture

The furniture, all white and straight lines, are part of a set perfectly integrated into the decoration of the master bedroom.
Bedside table, Treku. Apply Tolomeo model, from Artemide. Bedding, Filocolore and Texture.

New distribution in the bathroom

After the reform, the house has two full bathrooms, both integrated into the bedrooms, one in the main and another to share between the two children. The guidelines for both were functionality, design and simplicity. A success.
Sanitary ware and furniture under the sink, from the firm Duravit. Axor series taps, from Hansgrohe.

The value of the toilet in the bathroom

Something as simple as our necklaces in the bathroom, or the most colorful bags displayed in the hall,
They leave our subtle decorative imprint in various strategic points of the house.

Floor plan and distribution

Project key points:

- The conceptual renovation of housing It marked the direction of the reform centered, from here, on communicating spaces, especially between the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, with the integrated office and a laundry room.

- Stresses the interior carpentry, both for the warmth of the wood - chosen for the pavement, the panels and the windows -, as for the numerous presence of sliding doors as a unifying resource.

- Thanks to the new organization, The house now has a guest toilet, which allowed the integration of the other two bathrooms into the bedrooms, one in the main one and another for the children's rooms.


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