Battle against stains: tricks for the toughest

Battle against stains: tricks for the toughest

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Tomato, coffee, blood, makeup, rust ... those dreaded spots that, when they appear, leave their mark. With these little tricks we remind you that everything is possible. Enjoy your fabrics again and forget about rubbing again and again.


To remove the stain, mix previously diluted ammonia and soap. Rub vigorously. Then, put it in the washing machine and you will see how it finishes cleaning it.


Those coffee stains only have the days counted. When they happen, absorb the excess with paper towels and spill a stream of sparkling water over it. Re-absorb with paper towels. The stain will disappear as you repeat the process.


First, let the stain dry. Once it is dry, apply a grease remover product like the one you use in your kitchen. Do it directly on the fabric and rub. Then, wash in the washing machine as you normally do.


Injuries in the park? Quiet. To remove traces of blood, soak the tissue in cold water. Then, with detergent to wash by hand, rub in the stained area and let it soak for about 15 more minutes. Rinse and wash normally in the washing machine. If the blood is dry, you can apply hydrogen peroxide on the stain.


If the makeup is recent, apply a cleansing wipe on the tissue, rub and let dry. If it is not recent, dip your garment in warm water, a stream of lemon and a cup of vinegar. Rub and then wash normally. You can clean red lipstick stains with an equal mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to deepen more.


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